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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Spurs to offer £34m for Berahino, utter garbage

Spurs to offer £34m for Berahino, utter garbage

Why do the national press write things, that they often simply lift from other websites, without applying a modicum of common sense to what they write?

In the summer, WBA wanted £25-million (US$36.08m - AUS$51.39m - €33.36m) for Berahino and didn't like the payment structure of a deal rather than the total amount. The press are using the phrase 'it is thought' when talking about their suggested deal for the WBA striker, but it is simply too ridiculous for words.

Why would Spurs, now that Berahino is worth less than the summer, offer more, £20-million (US$28.87m - AUS$41.10m - €26.69m) plus £14-million (US$20.21m - AUS$28.74m - €18.68m) valued Andros Townsend? You have to be a bit of a simpleton to fall for that one. Here is an example: Daily Express It clearly says 'plus' not £20-million 'including' Townsend.

Common sense tells you Spurs have not made, nor will we make such a ridiculous offer. It would have been more like Andros Townsend and £5-million (US$7.22m - AUS$10.26m - 6.67m). Even if you said Townsend was only worth the same as the reported Watford offer of £10-million (US$14.36m - AUS$20.57m - €13.27m) the maths still don't add up to a sensible offer. The 'it is thought' offer would then still overvalue him by £5-million more than he was valued in the summer and if you believe he is worth more now, or indeed the same, you need to go and see a specialist, you need help.

Some fans are daft enough to believe that if it is written in the press it must be true, I'm afraid I'm not that gullible and the courts have shown how dishonest the press are. It's the same as the talked about Domenico Berardi offer, there is no way Tottenham have made the offer the press claim, common sense tells us that. Again it is an inflated figure, this time above the level of an agreed valuation.

Daniel Levy does not throw money around like confetti. Tottenham have a committee who value every player, our own and potential purchases. We know the limit we will go to to sign a player, £15-million (US$21.65m - AUS$30.78m - €20.01m) over a valuation, if not more, is simply laughable. It is stretching credibility beyond its limits.

Tottenham will have had plenty of informal discussions with WBA, the clubs were talking last October. These won't be 'leaked' figures, a negotiating tactic to try and push a price up. They are so daft that someone has simply written it, the press are copying the phrase and the news regurgitation websites and copying them. 

As ever, I'll bring some sanity to the table.

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