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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Spurs have first refusal on Bale

Spurs have first refusal on Bale

It is no surprise whatsoever that Tottenham have the first option on signing Gareth Bale and the club have looked into how they would fund any potential return. The thought is, if previous rumours are true, that he would commercially pay for himself, despite a huge wage.

His transfer details, previously secret, have been revealed on Football Leaks, a website that that does what it says, leaks information and it has it's hand on the 6-page contract.

Manchester United are desperate to get their hand on him but he is central to Real Madrid's commercial future, more so than Ronaldo so he won't be going anywhere any time soon. manchester United have zero chance of success, that should be obvious to anyone with common sense. He is at his dream club, he is living his dream, why chuck it in and step down to United, who are a mess without Ferguson?

Tottenham has first refusal on Gareth Bale until 2019. Paragraph 10 of his of the document reveals we can match any offer made by any Premier League club. We have to be notified of any offer and we then get three days to match any offer made for him. Real Madrid are obligated to accept our offer over any other Premier League club provided it matches it.

Nice to know but unlikely to ever happen before the clause runs out. Real Madrid has no intention of selling, Zidane has already made that clear. He will be the big fish at Real, the player everyone around the world wants to see above all other Real Madrid players. That makes him insanely valuable and was why they were prepared to pay a world-record fee for him.



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