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Friday, 29 January 2016

Pritchard, Mason, Dembele

Pritchard, Mason, Dembele

Alex Pritchard will be ready for potential selection in a couple of weeks, Ryan Mason is back in training after his injury problems and Mousa Dembele has now signed a new contract until 2019 after finally getting his head in gear this season.

The under performing talent has had to stop going through the motions and start producing to get into the team. Last season he spent much of it on the bench and the message got through to him that what he was producing simply wasn't good enough or consistent enough to be selected.

Fair play to him, his Tottenham future was at a crossroads and he reacted in a positive way, he took it upon himself to show the boss he could produce more. He has been excellent since he returned from injury, importantly producing consistent performances that now have him challenging for a top four slot, if not more.

It is important that he demonstrates the right mental attitude, the winning attitude that produces improvement, not just for his own game, but because he is one of the elder statesmen in this squad. He is 28, he'll be 29 in July, it is up to him to set an example and to give the youngsters the benefit of his experience. They are not going to be impressed if they are hungry and eager to improve if he were just staying in his comfort zone. 

He has to push himself to show them they must push themselves. Both parties work off each other. It's a healthy way to maintain progress and we are seeing the results with Spurs improving faster than is normal suggests another of the more experienced players, captain Hugo Lloris. It all helps to create the right environment.

Ryan Mason has been like a kid in a sweet shop since he forced his way into the team. he has looked as though he has loved every minute and that he wants to give everything he has every game. Players like that can be infectious, they show, perhaps more talented players, the drive and passion they have to emulate. He now has to fight for a place again having moved down the pecking order below Tom Carroll perhaps.

Alex Pritchard is still a bit of an unknown, talented yes, but he still has to produce it in the first team. It's not his fault he hasn't had the chance yet but he will start to get cameos and it will be taken from there. 

Hopefully we get through the FA Cup tie and get a fixture in the next round that will enable us to play some of the squad members again who get less game time. It's a healthy situation we are in with players fighting for a place and knowing they must produce the goods to stay in the side with plenty waiting on the sidelines to take their place.



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