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Friday, 1 January 2016

Pochettino tells supporters to support the club

Pochettino tells supporters to support the club

Speaking to the press Mauricio Pochettino also promoted the views you regularly hear on this website. Support the side, by all means look for improvements, but don't shout for panic buys or twist everything to try and fit an outdated and incorrect anti-Levy belief.

The common sense  and the positive outlook that creates an environment for success should be the object of everyone, but there will always be those that cling desperately to their own almost anti-Spurs beliefs.

"Our supporters are very happy with the team. They share our values. You can see every game at White Hart Lane or away they are unbelievable and back the team. 
"It is a very important thing our supporters believe in the team and that we can achieve good things. This is the most important thing. It is the first step to winning some titles. We don't set limits on our possibilities. The important thing is we all believe in the way we took 18 months ago. 
"We are very ambitious. The group is strong. There is enough quality. In football anything can happen."

It is important the supporters believe in the team. It is important the supporters believe in the coach. It is important the supporters believe in the chairman. Some simply don't want to, they don't actually want success, if they did they would 'support' the club. It is the first step to winning titles.

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    1. Fan bashing again?

      Telling people how they should feel again?

      Fans dont win Titles, pessimists/optimists totally irrelevant.

      Players and Coaches win Titles, Top 1s its as simple as that.

      And perhaps if we started doing something other than announcing profits and off field success you may find more positivity.

      And before you start with your 'negative, short sighted' sound bites 15 years is not knee jerk

    2. Fan bashing? Are u a moron. How is that fan bashing. He states quite clearly that the fans have been unbeleivable. Positivity from all corners of the club including fans helps the team. It lifts spirits and belief in the players and staff at any level. You just sound like another sour negative so called fan who is only happy if you have something to complain about. Would you actually be happy if we won the league or even more?

    3. Don't think he would no. he is probably a part of the anti-Levy crowd who can't have Tottenham actually achieving and don't know what the traits of success are. An environment is created by everybody, it creates a feeling. We have heard the anti-Levyites in the ground dragging the feeling down, we have heard booing. Neither is a positive trait, never is a successful trait. Trying to hang on to that negativity is negative when the ground should be full of positivity. Do supporters have a part to play, most assuredly. Just as players need the right mentality to reach the top so supporters need the right mentality to help them get there by creating the right environment.

      1. Rubbish, Fans want success they crave it, those that crave it most get pissed when we are let down after giving our all.
        That is not negative its hunger, success can and will only be achieved by players/manager/board all wanting it as much as the fans do.
        The wishy washy fan base are probably the most negative thing about the club clapping failure and making excuses.
        Now that is negative !

      2. So the answer is yes. You are a moron!
        Whether it is an amateur team or a premier league team, positivity from all corners of the club including supporters build the positive mentality you have spoken of.
        Time and time again you hear professional athletes comment on how the crowds chanting etc helped lift their spirits or helped push them to success and in all different sports not just football.
        As an amateur footballer myself i have won league titles and cups and can definately say that positivity and support from fans and the crowd is a massive help when trying to have a positive successful mindset yourself as a player.
        Do you honestly think a team getting booed by their own fans all game each week could keep that positive, successful mindset as easily as a team who has fans getting behind them and cheering them on. I dont think so.
        Player, professional or not are still only human and need positive reinforcement and encouragement all around them, some more than others.
        To think fans make no difference is just deluded.
        Creative criticism over failures is fine but negative player bashing etc is just no good for anyone or the club as a whole

      3. You assume that i boo our own players? Ive never booed Spurs in my life and i was there when our own support booed Ade. Not something that i would condone but i can see why they did.
        But yes i am pissed off, i pay good money to support my team, i ive followed them all my life and had very little return in regards to success but i still follow.
        Success is bred from the top down we have a board that anounce profits but spend nothing on the 1st team. We throw 13 point leads to miss out on CL, we sell our best players to the highest bidder, we mainly employ poor managers, and no matter how much clapping and cheering you do it will not change these facts.
        So articles like this bashing fans who give thier all to the club through good n bad and trying to make out they are now the reason we dont win things is just embarrassing and you have the cheek to call me a 'moron' mr positive?

      4. Ok. Good points and i apologize for the moron tag and il take it myself and say im the moron. Sorry i toi am very passionate about thfc.
        I never said u booed the team or were a bad supporter.
        If u read the article nowhere did poch say anything bad about the fans or bash them. The writer of the article made it sound that way as the media do all the time to get as many clicks and the story as possible. The truth doesnt sell stories.
        I also would like great success for our great spurs.
        I too have felt the same disappointment. And also agree with not booing our players and comend you for not joining in. I would just like to say that we all need to read through the lines in these articles and look at facts or actual quotes. Poch is very smart in what he says to the media from what i can see and surely likes his job enough to not want to get fans or anyone else off side.
        Unfortunately we have sold some of our best players who have wanted to leave for bigger wages or 'bigger' clubs so they beleive. Not all players are loyal. Levy did manage to get top dollar though thankfully. Berbatov, keane, bale and modric all wanted to leave and went to the clubs that they had chosen too. Not just the highest bidder from my understanding. Most of that money was then reinvested in the squad although not always wisely.
        Aa for managers. Top managers and players for that fact want to go to top clubs in champions league and for huge wages which we can not compete with and stay financially viable. To stay that way we cant spend over what we make and i believe that you cant expect an owner to keep on throwing in money after money year in year out and beleive its a good investment.
        Although id love a fall trophy cabinet over anything the fact that we can compete, make a profit and build a new stadium and training ground makes me beleive in our future.
        But although it may only be a tiny difference that fans can make i still beleive that fans do make that small difference to help lift the team. It all helps

    4. The way I see it, we have gone from mid table to challenging for 4th and now the title. If that isn't progress I don't know what it is! Levy makes the difficult decisions for the club. We are definitely on the up and doing it the right way. Look what happened to Leeds for a little short term success. Levy wants us to get there and stay there.

    5. Exactly, this isn't about winning one title or one trophy, that is just a step along the way to where we are building. Fans can play their part to help the club there or to hold us back, they have a choice.

    6. But you aren't giving your all, your very words advocate failure so clearly you personally have more to give just as everyone with their negative output has more to give, they just don't know how to achieve success, if they did then they wouldn't cling to the past and promote more of the same. I'm afraid Ozspurs is right, the fans positivity does have it's part to play in success. It is easier to achieve with supporters actually supporting you.

      1. Its a nonsense, blogs and articles are where people vent their frustrations, no fans go to football to moan they go to support their team its as simple as that.
        If you turn up to a game and your side play with hunger and entertain you will not find a boo in the place and you will find fans will cheer them on.
        If and if youve ever been to a game and watched the team jog about, with the incapability to mark, pass to a player in white, duck challenges, laugh when a goal goes in (all very present in our play last 3 seasons) then dont blame fans for failures on the pitch because they didnt roar on an embarrassment.
        Success is bred from the top down and filters throughout the club, we have a massive fan base and as much as you wish to hate (a negative force that you are against) half of it (the half that obviously want to see better from the team and speak up about it) in essence we all want better.
        But blaming fans is pathetic and yet another weak excuse to protect your happy clappy agenda.

    7. I'm sorry but the writer of the article uses an agle to make a point, not to acquire clicks, there is a big difference. We are all passionate about Spurs and we express it in different ways.

      The truth is individual perception, two people can tale the same facts and see something different, which is the truth? They both are, they are just different angles to the truth.

      You are right, every fan, no matter where they are in the world, make a difference.

    8. I see our happy clappy voter simply hasn't grasped it at all has he. Chiefs and Indians, indians are indians because they can't see what chiefs see, which is why they are the chiefs of course.

      1. And your a chief are you Clive?

        Self appointed??

        Nice diversary tactic by the way.

    9. No, I'm not appointing myself, I write and you are reading. It isn't diversion at all, guess you must need things in an even simpler format?



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