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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Pochettino: Recreating the 4-minute mile

Well well well, I have just listened to the Mauricio Pochettino interview where he tells us the fans belief can help us to silverware. That's something this blog has been saying for quite a while now, given that belief is the starting point of success.

"I think it is a very important thing that our supporters believe in us, believe in our team and we can achieve good things. I think this is the most important thing, the first step to try to win some silverware."

It is incredible that when he have someone in your ranks who knows how to achieve success, that some have a fixated on failure mindset they can't snap out of. But then that's why some people succeed and some don't. To cling to failure traits is a fans way of staying in their comfort zone, much the same as Dembele was doing before Pochettino came along.

Taking on board something new isn't easy, just like a player has to buy into a manager before he can give his best, so a fan has to buy into a winning mentality before they can 'support' the club to the best of their ability.

Our fans could make White Hart Lane a fortress, a cacophony of noise then puts the opposition mentally on the back foot. Any seed of doubt in any opposition player is then exacerbated and aids our own success. The fact that that doesn't happen shows a lack of belief, it shows many hoping, not believing. Our fans who sing and cheer deserve a pat on the back, but success is never achieved by resting on your laurels, there is always more that can be done, more fans can do inside the ground.

Our away fans can be heard above home fans, in theory, that should never happen and it shows home fans not doing their utmost to aid their team. Yet those are the very fans who will be complaining their own club hasn't achieved anything.

Any fan with doubt takes that doubt into the ground. That doubt can be transmitted by a lack of positive support. Doubt has no place in success. Players read Twitter, they use social media so to suggest fans don't impact on players is nonsense. Fans interact with players at the ground, on social media or public events. 

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Levels of belief are transmitted and if you profess doubt, that doubt can plant a seed of doubt, it can make another individual question themselves and that means they can't give their optimum. belief is the most important weapon someone has, as everything else flows from it. The 4-minute mile was run because of belief, it was thought to be physically impossible, but belief made it possible. 

Then when athletes saw it was possible they went and did it themselves, so why didn't they do it before, they were just as fit?

Belief made it possible to give that little bit extra they didn't know they had. The proof is there throughout history, belief comes before success.

"I think it is a very important thing that our supporters believe in us, believe in our team and we can achieve good things. I think this is the most important thing, the first step to try to win some silverware."

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  1. Nonsense by your reckoning its loud fans that make cup winning sides?

    You muppet!

  2. Some of us are capable of more than simplistic thinking, try it and you'll get different results.

    1. Think as deeply as you want,the fact remains its the players not the fans that win things.

      Just take a look at the support shown to Soldado, Holtby etc how did they get on in the end??

  3. And the fact remains a positive environment breeds success a negative one doesn't, an environment that is created by everyone, fans, media included. Successful people know that, its why they don't associate with negative people who consciously or unconsciously try to drag them down to negativity. Like it or not fans have a part to play.



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