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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pochettino here to stay

We have all and sundry telling us that Mauricio Pochettino wants to leave a legacy at Tottenham, few if any are actually seeing the significance of that news though.

It has been shoved down our throat that he watches every age group, which isn't news to anyone who follows Spurs closely. It has been clear from day one, if you applied common sense to the situation, that Pochettino was at Spurs for the long haul.

AVB was appointed with the same objective in mind, to build a club to have lasting success, only he alienated staff and shot himself in the foot. Once bitten, twice shy, Pochettino was subjected to the most stringent research we have probably ever done to appoint a manager to implement our strategy.

Unless Pochettino alienated everyone he was obviously going nowhere and talk of wanting to leave a lasting legacy demonstrates that he is embarked upon a long-term strategy that dovetails with the club's strategy. Short term success has to fit in with building a long-term future. There is a new stadium to build so we were never going to want to change a manager while that is being build or paid for, that alone told everyone he was here to stay from the start.

The papers have tried to create stories of Real Madrid or Manchester United and Pochettino which never had any legs. Success comes from having the environment for it and by watching every age group he and his staff are boosting the morale and motivation of each set of players.

If you have a manager prepared to play youth and you are a developing youngster seeing he and his staff on the sidelines when you train you are going to be giving it that bit extra. It is that bit extra that makes better players, that extra bit of determination, that extra motivation. In many clubs there is no light at the end of the tunnel, you know coming through the academy it is unlikely you'll get in the first team on a regular basis. Compare that to a Tottenham youngster who knows there are opportunities and where would you want to be?

Pochettino's interview just confirms my view that he'll be here, at least, three years after the stadium is built and probably longer. There is something satisfying about building something rather than buying something and when you have built it you want to continue to see that it stays in shape.

We have, what many keep telling us, is one of the best young managers in the world. The beauty of that is that he could be at the club for a very long time, especially when you look at the tremendous possibilities for our future with a new stadium, an NFL tie-up and the commercial income that will generate.

A legacy isn't achieved in five minutes and a new stadium, new pitch size has to be taken into account. Those complaining of changing managers fail to recognise we got to a point where we knew what we wanted to build and needed the right person to build it. Unfortunately, as in all walks of life, you don't really know what you have until you have employed someone. Every effort was made to ensure we had the right man for the long-term and that appears to have been a success.



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