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Friday, 29 January 2016

Pochettino: Be clear about your plan

We are where we are this season because of what we have been doing, why then would we want to change what we are doing in the hope that it produces the results that we are already getting?

If something is working, why change it? Tottenham have a policy of building a squad for the new stadium and beyond. We look for players who are young and will fit with the group, we are paying much closer attention to character, something I for one have been stressing me must promoting the use of sports psychologists to achieve that. 

Rob MacKenzie mentioned the importance of checking a player's character in a Tweet and how it has become more important in football today. Mauricio Pochettino recently told the press that it is important we have a plan and stick to it. A plan is utterly useless if you ignore it and you only make amendments that you feel will improve it. Panic buying isn't one of them.
“It is our dream to grow with these players and to be clever. And every season to add some young players to refresh the team and maintain the motivation. 
“Here, we have a plan. It is important to set up all the bases, to arrive at the new stadium and build a strong squad. 
“It is true that football is about winning games – but you have different ways to try to win games, win titles and achieve big things. The important thing is to be clear what your plan is.”
Fans would throw that plan out the window and change to a short-term attempt to achieve. Then come the summer you have to change again to revert back to your original plan, which may or may not be easy. That tactic sees long-term planning go out of the window and this building for long-term success, rather than one-off success, becomes much harder.

To achieve lasting success the players must know how to do it, they must experience the attempt in the manner in which the club is going to be run long-term. You are not giving your manager any chance if it every January is panic buy month, be that panic to avoid relegation or panic to win a title.

This seems an appropriate time to remind ourselves of what Gary Neville said when we beat Manchester City 4-1 earlier in the season.



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