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Sunday, 31 January 2016

No chasing rainbows transfer policy

Moussa Dembele has had and passed his medical at Tottenham ahead of his move to us as revealed a week ago. 
Dembele deal announced when Fulham have a replacement

The issue holding the transfer up has been Fulham having a replacement striker if he left. At the moment they are under a Financial Fair Play transfer embargo so they can't even pay a loan fee to bring a replacement in. Fulham fans are exasperated that the club appears to have its head in the sand by pretending there are no financial issues at Fulham, there are.

That has left them in an awkward situation which they haven't found a suitable resolution for so we have reluctantly relented and agreed to leave Dembele with them for the remainder of the seaon..

The outcome is Spurs pick the 19-year-old (20 in July) former PSG youngster for £1.7-million + add-ons. With his contract finishing in the summer they would get a token fee for his development, this way they at least get some sort of fee. The figure will no doubt take into account a loan fee, perhaps £1-million and it will have been deducted from the transfer fee, thus the fee is lower than the £4-£6-million the national press have been trying to suggest. Such a fee would only happen if he were to come to Spurs immediately. Staying at Fulham means he is of no value to us this season and thus we have no need to pay for his services, that reduces the fee Fulham can charge.

CurrencyAmountExchange rate
GBPGBP Great-Britain [Pound sterling / £]1 GBP=1 GBP
EUREUR Euroland [Euro / €]1 GBP=1.308729 EUR
AUDAUD Australia [Australian dollar / $ AU]1 GBP=2.013873 AUD
CADCAD Canada [Canadian dollar / $ CA]1 GBP=2.010601 CAD
CHFCHF Switzerland [Swiss franc / F CH]1 GBP=1.458448 CHF
CNYCNY China [Chinese yuan renminbi (RMB) / Ұ]1 GBP=9.397985 CNY
JPYJPY Japan [Japanese yen / ¥]1 GBP=173.07944 JPY
MXNMXN Mexico [Mexican peso]1 GBP=26.181652 MXN
NZDNZD New-Zealand [New Zealand dollar / $ NZ]1 GBP=2.197095 NZD
SEKSEK Sweden [Swedish krona]1 GBP=12.234393 SEK
USDUSD United States [US dollar / $]1 GBP=1.429132 USD

Tottenham have fought off competition from Manchester United, Monaco and Juventus to capture his signature. Joining Tottenham hasn't been in doubt for the last week, despite the national press trying to claim he was going to Monaco. The only issue was when he would be joining as he didn't want to stay at Fulham either, unfortunately, the transfer embargo has meant he has had to.

As they can't pay a loan fee, they can't bring any players in, our youngsters are an option but why would Fulham, who are fighting to avoid relegation, want to swap a goalscorer for an unproven youngster. They would need a goalscorer, we don't have one they could have who is guaranteed to be as effective as Dembele.

Transfers have to fit all parties to happen, all this we had the opportunity to buy X, Y or Z from fans is often complete rubbish, almost as if a player is compelled to join Spurs if we summon his presence.

Pochettino has made it clear we will be sticking to our long-term transfer policy and not adopt a chasing rainbows policy. The signing of Dembele sits with that policy. If a solution for Fulham can be found in the remaining time, great, if it can't then we have a young second striker for next season.



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