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Friday, 22 January 2016

Morata or Sturridge

The are a few suggestions appearing that we may have reignited our interest in 23-year-old (24 in October) Juventus striker Alvaro Morata.

A search reveals that Manchester United are reported to be interested in him, 'sensationally' according to some and that Liverpool have already held talks with Juventus over a potential £46.37-million (US$65.44m - AUS$94.73m - €60m) move and Arsenal want him. I suspect that someone has simply substituted a pound sign for a euro sign and that the bid is more like £35.86-million (US$50.53m - AUS$73.12m - €46.37m).

The Italian Champions have made it clear they are not selling, although if Real Madrid enforced their option it would be out of their hands. 

Real Madrid have a buyback clause for him set at €45m and some reports say they are looking to activate that while other reports say they are not interested in Morata or 22-year-old Paul Pogba (who almost certainly has an agreement to join Barcelona this summer) at all. Thier suggestion is that they want his fellow striker, 22-year-old Argentinian Paulo Dybala instead.

He is the player we were interested in but he had already agreed to join Juventus from Palermo in a £22.4-million (US$31.76m - AUS$46.83m - €29.15m) deal which he completed when the transfer window opened. Never a realistic possibility, but one must try. I doubt we have anything other than a passing interest now given his price.

Having a buy-back clause in a contract is dangerous, one club could decide to buy back their player at the end of a transfer window and if the player wanted to return his current club would be stuck with no time to replace him. It is a gamble each time and helps to understand why Spurs are not interested in any deals that involve buyback clauses, as Barcelona want for Sandro Ramirez.

All this talk has also raised questions over 26-year-old (27 in September) Daniel Sturridge, a player I thought we should have signed from Chelsea. His has had injury problems but there is no doubt he knows where the goal is and in the right system with the right players thrived alongside Suarez. 

He is the type of player who would fit in with our system very well and was the subject of a £18-million bid (US$25.52m - AUS$36.83m - €23.42m) from West Ham United it's reported. From what I understand the Hammers are signing 28-year-old Emmanuel Emineke on a six-month loan deal though. We would have to be sure of his injury problems before any move as they seem shrouded in mystery.



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