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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Martinez offered to Spurs, we haven't chased him

Stories broke of us supposedly submitting a £22.80-million (US$32.61m - AUS$47.19m - €30m) bid for 29-year-old Atletico Madrid striker Jackson Martinez.

Yesterday I covered that story and suggested it didn't stack up and today comes news that we haven't sought out Martinez and made a bid at all. The story was simply a journalist twisting the facts to make it looks as if we were chasing him, we are not.

Atletico Madrid want rid of him, he has just 3 goals this season, 2 in La Liga, 1 in the UEFA Champions League in 20 appearances. They also want what they paid for him £26.60-million (US$38.06m - AUS$54.97m - €35m) which simply won't happen. he will be 30 in October and is too old to command that sort of fee.

The press and regurgitation websites have copied a story that is basically rubbish. We are not interested in players over 27 and the truth of the matter is that Atletico Madrid contacted us and offered him to us, we refused their kind offer. End of story.



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