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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Martinez bid highly unlikely to be true

Football Espana, the sister site of Football Italia, are claiming we have bid for 29-year-old (30 in October) Jackson Martinez.

The Tottenham name gets used by agents and clubs a lot. We are deemed to have a striker need so if you want to put pressure on a club not playing your man you leak a story of other interested parties, if you want to drum up interest again you leak a story of supposedly interested parties.

The story originates from Marca, a paper that have to have stories every day for their readers. The figures they quote simply don't add up, as ever he gets talked about in figures that he isn't worth, he has proven that by failing at Atletico Madrid.

The suggestion is we have had a bid of £22.80-million (US$32.61m - AUS$47.19m - €30m) which is way over the top. Atletico over paid for him and need to recoup as much of their outlay as possible.

Players lose their value at 30, just look at the historical transfer fees for players 30 and over so regardless of how he performs he would be a permanently depreciating asset, the opposite of one of the pillars of our transfer strategy. We will not buy players over 27 unless they are special we have been told, Jackson Martinez is not special, he can't even get into the Atletico side.

Barcelona have served their transfer ban and found a legal loophole to still sign players, Atletico and Real Madrid performed the same misdemeanor in illegally signing under-age players to local clubs and buying them off them when of legal age. Atletico received a transfer ban last week that comes into effect this summer, although they have appealed.

They paid Porto £26.60-million (US$38.06m - AUS$54.97m - €35m) and it is claimed that is what they want for him. No chance of that happening, he's too old. Our name continually get linked with him and there is never anything in it. The little ITK that is coming out of the club doesn't include any interest in him and I have certainly heard nothing either.

On the plus side he would add experience but how many years does he have left in him, what sort of wages would he want? He isn't a player you'd have on high wages because you wouldn't be getting a great return. Playing alongside Kane or not he would still be the number two choice when we play with one striker, that has to be taken into consideration when determining wages.

His record this season is 3 goals in 20 games, would you be offering £22.8-million for a 29-year-old flop, it's as crazy as the Berahino figures. Common sense dictates we haven't made any such offer.



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