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Monday, 11 January 2016

Lloris corrects mistaken journalists

Lloris corrects mistaken journalists

As is usual with journalists, who are merely professional writers, they lack the understanding of the mental side of the game and thus often misconstrue remarks made by players and coaches. Hugo Lloris is a case in point, he had had to clarify the remarks he recently made because the  were being incorrectly reported as him saying Spurs couldn't win the Premier League.

"We don’t have the maturity of some teams, like City or Arsenal, you need experience. You can’t buy it. You need to play games, you need to lose, you need to win. 
“We are young, we are talented, we are doing well, there is a great spirit in the team and we are working hard, so everything is positive but we need to go step by step. We will see where we are before the last 10 games but at the moment we want to fight and stay as high as possible in the table."

Perhaps if they are going to write about sport they should undertake a coaching qualification to give them a better insight. We have had a Daily Mail reporter recently apologising for thinking like a plastic fan who can't see beyond a cheque book.

Their misinterpretation formulates opinion. What people read they adopt as their opinion, it's how the media operate, they are the influencers of opinion. Readers then believe, in time, they have thought of it and will fervently defend that. If the belief becomes ingrained, as we see with the anti-Levy smattering, and events are then twisted in an attempt to justify a belief. You see it from all the news regurgitation website who simply follow what journalists write, the blind leading the blind.

As you have heard frequently from this website mentality is everything in football, in sport, any coach will tell you the same. It is no surprise that Pochettino has had to work on mentality and doesn't waste his time on players who lack it. If you can't see a strategy to them then move on and work with those who buy it.

To be the best you need total belief and that will generate everything else, motivation, the work ethic, everything. if you don't have that belief then your motivation is diminished and try as you might your output will be less. Successful sides, successful people have belief. When they then talk to people who lack belief they are often misunderstood, either through a lack of understanding or deliberately so they can underpin an opinion.

“I didn’t say it was a disadvantage. I say that we believe, in football, that everything is possible. But of course City and Arsenal are used to playing for the title, and mainly City are used to winning the title. So we don’t have to complain about it because we are young, we are talented, we are playing well and we are hungry as well."

Hugo Lloris was merely stating the obvious, but in doing so was telling the press he knew the importance of the mental side of the game. He didn't say something couldn't be achieved, but merely that Tottenham thus far lack the knowledge of winning the league, knowledge others have. You gain that knowledge, that experience, that feeling, by putting yourself in that position. 

It is something you can work towards as to win a Premier League all you have to do is win the game that gives you the points to secure it. Every other game is a preparation game which you separate from the larger goal into a goal of its own. Take each game as it comes is not a meaningless throwaway phrase, each and every three point game is a vital cog to achieve a bigger goal. If you look too far ahead and concentrate on that larger goal you won't have the required motivation for the immediate goal at hand, three points.

Getting that balance right is the job of the coach, he has to manage each player's motivation while the player motivates themselves. By that I mean he is feeding the player the reasons why the next game is the important game, with reminders how it fits into the overall objective. Young players have to learn how to manage that, not just how to control a football. 

Some are better at it than others.

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