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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Keeper suggests giving up

Take a look at this Tweet from Alan Brazil about a former player suggesting his club give up and prepare to rebuild after failure.

are right to prepare for life in the Championship according to their former 'keeper Shay Given..
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Firstly as I Tweeted in response giving up has never achieved anything and a failure mentality brings failure. The question has to be asked when they came to this conclusion, they will have been discussing it for weeks and certainly didn't use the last transfer window the strengthen the side.

Nothing has ever been achieved in history by giving up, the impossible is achieved by believing it's possible

Is potential relegation the fault of the players or the fault of the owners? Aston Villa are a traditionally big club, as are Newcastle United in 18th place and Sunderland in 19th place. Their mismanagement demonstrates how well Tottenham have been managed. We suffered relegation, we were broke, yet look at us now. We put a strategy in place and built the club, now we have moved onto the next phase to build again and it has all been done without gambling with the clubs future.

Our story strongly suggests that we have a chairman and owners who are infinitely better than those at Newcastle, Sunderland, and Aston Villa. The three clubs above them are Swansea City 17th, Bournemouth 16th, and Norwich City 15th, who, with all due respect to them, don't command the level of support the three clubs in the relegation zone do.

To suggest Spurs can't go the way of these clubs is folly, of course, we can with the wrong owners and the wrong chairman. The grass is not always greener and there are very few fairy godmothers around who simply dish out their cash to their latest plaything.

Any success in any walk of life is achieved with a total belief in what you want to achieve. Which invention came about because the inventor gave up and decided it was impossible, the aeroplane, the submarine? Should Tottenham adopt the approach we are never going to have the money of the bigger clubs so why bother trying, let's just give up?

If you want to achieve something your subconscious will then show you how it is possible and that forms the basis of your strategy. If you totally believe you'll find a way to achieve it, if you don't you won't have the balls to try, you'll just talk about it and dream.

Aston Villa have been badly let down by Randy Lerner, but what does he care, he has the club up for sale for three times what he paid for it. Fortunately, at Tottenham, our supporters can clearly see we have people in place who do care.

They tried to sign Emmanuel Adebayor, so why don't they? He is a proven goalscorer if he is motivated, he is just the sort of signing on a short-term contract, so he is motivated ti perform for a longer one, that could fire in the goals they need to stay up.

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  1. Sign players in the hope they reverse an 11 point gap and survive?
    Players on big wages?
    Its a massive gamble in the position they sit, its not so much giving up preparing for life in the Championship its a rebuild strategy?
    Thought you were supposed to be all for the buisness aspect, planning, slowly building, living within your means??
    Another contradiction !

  2. I don't determine wages, neither did I say sign players on big wages, I merely mentioned Adebayor as someone available who they could bring in. Big difference to your interpretation. I did mention loan deals so the club wouldn't be tied into big wages anyway. Where there is a will there is a way, it just takes devising a strategy and implementing it. What you don't do is give up or you'll achieve the failure you desire. So not another contradiction at all just a misinterpretation on your part.



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