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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Kane prepares, Son and Lamela new move

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur

Harry Kane undertakes essential pre-match preparation, getting himself ship shape for the cameras just in case his has to celebrate a goal and run towards the cameras arms wide.

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Son Heung-min and Erik Lamela have been working on a new move on the training ground, they will play in tandem and hold hands to bamboozle the opposition. It is uncertain whether they will start wearing Alice bands and start skipping. Perhaps in celebration after the game.

Three more points today needed and our away fans continuing to make a noise. Plenty to shout about at an improving Spurs and performances like the mid-week tie vs Leicester City only go to show that if you have a system and stick to it, you can minimise the impact when a player is out.

Several players have been called essential this season, Alli, Dembele and we still march on. Kane didn't start and it didn't make a difference because the players can play the system. it is how teams like Basel can compete and why they played us off the park at White Hart Lane a couple of years back.

Teams in Northern Europe rely on individual brilliance, but players in Spain are brought up with a team ethic, the team is everything, thus they play a system perhaps better than we do. Mauricio Pochettino having played and coached in Spain has brought that to Tottenham.

Believe and we can achieve.



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