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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Kane easily worth more than £50m

Yet again we have the silly stories of Manchester United interest in Harry Kane, which according to the Daily Star is a transfer 'bombshell.' Where have they been the whole window, how can something everyone knows be a bombshell? 

Now this isn't an article about why he won't be leaving, that is old ground which we all know and just laugh off, but I thought I'd ramble on about his value and why he is probably worth double the £25-million WBA demand for Saido Berahino.

You have to put football ability to one side almost, the ability is a given for a huge transfer fee, but it isn't what makes transfer fees so high. The world record Bale fee wasn't because he was the best player in the world, he isn't, however, he is one of the most popular and that is the key.

A few players command fees above their ability because of popularity. Commercial income is vital for any club wishing to be successful, nobody is going to be consistently successful on TV money because everyone in the Premier League has it. That doesn't aid keeping any player who wants to win things, they would still need to move to a club with a realistic chance.

Gareth Bale earned millions for one weeks work in Asia. Real Madrid are basing their commercial future around his worldwide appeal. Zinedine Zidane has said they will do everything possible to help him. What is clear is that they want him to be the new Ronaldo, they want him to be extremely successful so his marketing potential is maximised. Trophies will be picked up along the way, almost as a by-product.

Harry Kane has propelled himself way above others commercially with his exploits. He is the man football fans around the world want to see, not Hugo Lloris or Toby Alderweireld, Harry Kane. That makes him a goldmine.

  • In 2015, shirts with the name Harry Kane on the back were the 8th most popular shirt name in the world. 

That statistic tells you all you need to know. If you have two young players of the same ability, one has worldwide appeal, one doesn't, which one are you going to buy? If you have any interest in your clubs future you'll increase your revenue by buying the revenue earner enabling your club to be in a stronger position to attract further talent.

If you want to be glamorous to sponsor, investors, then you need commercial players. Harry Kane is a breed apart so silly money will be talked about in the press. Fans will say he isn't worth £40-50-million, but commercially he is. Being young, he is worth a whole lot more than that.

Spurs need to do everything possible to keep him at the top of his game, a few goals at the 2016 European Championships wouldn't go amiss. We have a new stadium around the corner ao having a commercial pull like Harry Kane will help to secure lucrative deals. 

He keeps the Tottenham brand name burning around the world and that increases our commercial viability to sponsors. To Tottenham he is worth so much more than a £40-50-million transfer fee.

If you have an asset like Kane would you sell them based on their football ability alone or would you want a fee for their commercial viability as well? Obviously, you would keep hold of them as long as you can and if we keep developing and challenging at the top of the Premier League it is a hurdle we may have to cross.



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