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Friday, 8 January 2016

Journalistic speculation suggests Spurs bid Italian striker

There are claims that Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla expects Tottenham Hotspur to make a bid for 24-year-old (25 in November) Napoli striker Manolo Gabbiadini. The Italian club are reported to have rejected a bid from Swansea City claimed to be around £16.36-million (US$23.94m - AUS$34.05m - €221m)

Swansea say they have not bid which probably means discussions have taken place and figures were offered, discussed. As nothing is in writing nothing is official which means we have this situation where one side says they have turned down a bid, which they have on an unofficial basis and one side says they haven't bid, which officially they haven't, even though they have informally.

Gabbiadini can play as a secondary striker or an inverted right winger. He has 5 goals and 2 assists in 13 appearances that only total 481 minutes which is less than 6 full games.

Various reports are all claiming the journalist has reported this which seems to all come from a Tweet by someone else. If you go to his website and do a search for Gabbiadini you get no results, which possibly explains why nobody is linking to an article but to his site in general for you to hunt yourself.

nNpoli want to sell the striker to raise cash to buy Valencia striker Andre Gomes with £14.88-million (US$21.74m - AUS$30.91m - €20m) reportedly needed. Our name and that of est Ham United have been thrown at the story presumably to try and create interest and make any potential suitors think they has better act fast.

We watch a lot of players which doesn't mean we are going to bid for them, quite how an Italian journalist is supposed to know what the heirarchy of Tottenham are planning is a mystery so until there is something concrete this story can be filed as journalistic speculation.

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  1. Do you see anything in these rumours about bringing in a new centre half from France.



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