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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Javier Mascherano given 12 months jail sentence

Barcelona and Argentina star Javier Mascherano has been sentenced to 12 months in jail after being found guilty of tax evasion.

The ex-West Ham United and Liverpool player is reported by Spanish newspaper El Mundo that Mascherano appeared in court on Thursday and was handed a fine and jail sentence. The fine amounted to €815,000 (see the table below for currency conversions).

Javier Mascherano given 12 months jail sentence

Legal representatives are asking for an increased fine instead of a jail sentence for their client, yet another scandal to hit Spanish football. The top three clubs have now all received transfer bans for the illegal movement of under-age players, several of their stars are under investigation for tax fraud, the clubs are having to pay tax bills they haven't had to pay before and Karim Benzema isn' exactly covering himself in glory amid the current rape trial.

Laughably he has said he shouldn';t be punished because the fault is from his financial advisors. he can sue them if his didn't know what they were doing, although undoubtedly he did or that would have happened by now.

“I’m a sporting professional, I don’t have a great understanding of taxes and law. To deal with what are for me technical and complicated matters, I have to rely on other people. 
“Throughout all my career I have been an honest person, responsible and respectful of my team-mates and the clubs that I have played for and the countries I have lived in.”

If they are dealing with millions of pounds of your money it is your responsibility to understand what they are doing and it is inconceivable that they haven't acted without his consent. Tax has to be paid, if you try and find ways around it then it is pretty obvious that there could be problems. 

Lionel Messi goes to court in May also for tax evasion offences worth millions by using companies in Belize and Uraguay. Neymar is also under investigation over his move, coincidentally they are all Barcelona players.

Messi and his father also blame advisors amid calls for jail sentences of nearly 2 years each.



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