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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Is S-P right in his comments?

This high-traffic blog has received over 19,000 comments so I thought I'd bring some to your attention, it seems a shame to waste the views of readers if they take the time and trouble to construct an intelligent response to an article. 

Let me repeat, or explain for those who don't know, that the comment system used on this site (Intense Debate) removes comments automatically when they reach a certain level. I don't know how to change this without losing the 19,000+ already here. They all go into my inbox as well so perhaps I should do this regularly and give a voice for some of you.

I rarely delete comments myself and I thank all of you for reading, especially those who take the time to click a home page advert [I earn a minuscule amount each time] or purchase from

S-P regularly leaves a comment so I'll kick off with his views. This was in response to Levy doesn't have a say in Pochettino's future

"Since 2005, Levy has overseen a massive effort to make the youth set-up a proper production line of talent. The real problem, for a while now, has been attracting a head coach/manager who will be interested in developing a squad to compete, rather than just buying one (and complaining and/or giving up when the finances weren't there to compete with Chelsea/Citeh/United). AVB, for instance, made frequent statements when he joined about being on board with the youth policy - but rumour has it that he ring-fenced the 1st team and wouldn't allow the youth players to get involved in training etc. Apparently, this was one of the real behind the scenes issues. 
"The big problem with this approach is that it can easily be broken up at any stage by more affluent rivals poaching important staff members. We've not lost a manager yet, but Chelsea poaching Arnesen probably set this club back more than most Spurs fans would like to admit. That effect may be even worse if someone threw a huge amount of money at Pochettino. United have tried to poach McDermott, apparently, just before Christmas. The story I heard, however, is that Joe Lewis contacted people who knew people in South America getting a thorough make-up of Poch, a proper character assessment, and what he heard was that Poch is very loyal if he is shown loyalty and that his interest really is in developing a young team himself. So, hopefully, someone offering to quadruple is wages may not be the temptation to him that it would be to some."

Now I picked out this comment because of something in the first paragraph, the first two paragraphs in fact. Now the anti-Levy group will throw managers names at us, which doesn't really show a grasp of why a manager is brought in in the first place. 

Tim Sherwood is a name regularly thrown at the argument, he was an interim in all but name as we all knew the minute he was appointed. Taking hatred out of the equation and looking at his tenure in a sensible light he did no worse than others. Yes, his player management didn't go down well with the hierarchy and he divided fans. 

On the downside that creates an atmosphere and environment where success is all but impossible, fans arguing among themselves isn't a positive and it does affect how you support the team. If you are anti something you want justification of that and seek it at every turn. You have to have failure to support your position, so however much you cheer, a little piece of you wants and needs failure to feed it.

On the upside, he introduced Harry Kane and Nabil Bentaleb. What he did was show that if you give youth a chance they can make the grade. He broke the ice at the club and that can only have enhanced any belief at the highest level that this was the way to go.

There are positives in everything.His appointment allowed us to wait for Pochettino who hadn't received the assurances he wanted at Southampton, thus we were able to pick up the right man at the right time for the right job. And yes my choice was Frank de Boer, but researching into Pochettino, I could fully understand why we were looking to appoint him. I wrote then he'd have my full support and there has been no reason to waiver from the view he was the right man.

Brendan Rodgers took a season to get Liverpool into shape with a new system, Jurgen Klopp is doing the same thing, Tottenham were always going to have to learn the system first while we sold those with the wrong attitude and brought in those with a winning mentality.



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