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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

If transfers were easy Dembele would be at Spurs by now

So Sky Sports have now caught up and say Fulham are prepared to sell us Moussa Dembele before Monday, surprise surprise. That news was known in agents circles and by a former Fulham player who I worked with many moons ago. Others had heard the same so it all seems and seemed to be genuine

Dembele deal announced when Fulham have a replacement

We have heard the usual 'he is not for sale' rubbish when everyone knows he wants to move on while the opportunity is there. Do you want to fight for relegation or be involved with a fight for a Premier League title?

What would you think if you waited until the summer and the club you wanted to join bought someone else instead? Better ask Saido Berahino that one, he wanted to come here and his chairman won't let him. The Secret Footballer wrote a piece with no names that suggested a certain chairman didn't want to sell a certain player because the money would go into a certain managers pocket via an agent. He mentioned no names and I have no idea whether he was referring to this situation or not.

Dembele did come from PSG in 2013 to Fulham and won't be signing the new offer on the table from them. Monaco remain an oiption if they loan him back to Fulham who want to keep him for the remainder of the season, we want him to join us immediately. There would be little point in signing him now if he were loaned back with his contract up in the summer. He would be cheaper at a tribunal as he has only been with Fulham 3 years.

Fulham were in financial trouble the first season after they were relegated and received a transfer embargo as a result, that makes bringing anyone in difficult, something they would need to do. A loan player with no loan fee seems to be their only option. It is the replacement issue that has held and is holding things up, a Fulham issue rather than a Spurs issue.

He would presumably provide cover for Kane, perhaps behind Son Heung-min in the pecking order. He is another one to develop for the future and the 19-year-old (20 in July) clearly fits in with our stated transfer strategy.

I'm expecting this one to go through but this is football and anything could still happen as we know to our cost with Willian and Chelsea. That event demonstrates why a club have several options, several irons in the fire, a preferred choice and back-up options that can take place if the circumstances are right. 

A transfer doesn't become less complicated just because a window is drawing to a close and there are so many factors the general public don't see. I'm afraid things aren't as simple as we want that player so pay that fee and he is ours. That may work in fantasy football but the reality is somewhat different as the secret footballer article shows.

In Poch we trust.



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