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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Harry Kane happy at Tottenham, Dele Alli happy at Tottenham, Mousa Dembele happy at Tottenham, Christian Eriksen happy at Tottenham, Eric Lamela happy at Tottenham, all recent stories the press have gobbled up.

A young team playing together forms a bond, players coming through the ranks have a bond. It's like a happy holiday camp at the moment. If you build on that bond with each other and the club you have a chance of keeping your better players, without it, they are more likely to leave.

Fans behind the times assume every player is about money, but frankly, while there is that element it is often far from the truth. I have has readers tell me that our youngsters will be off as soon as an offer comes in, that Levy will sell like a shot. If they took a step back and looked at what the club needed, what it is now putting in place and is now breeding they would have seen an alternative.

Anyone who has played sport at any level who has an ounce of competitiveness in them has tried hard for their mates, they have played not to let them down as much as anything else. You don't just play together you socialise together, at least until your life develops in other directions. It is that spirit that can be built in a youngster orientated squad.

It should be music to every fans ears when they hear our youngster profess their happiness at the club. Sandro had his time with us and was ruined by a freak injury, he then started complaining when he wasn't picked, Capoue moaned about the English not liking foreigners when he wasn't picked, you don't hear that from a player like Tom Carroll. 

He has had to be patient and bide his time, he has built on his initial performances and is growing in stature, he isn't the superstar some over the top fans seem to want to portray him as. He has aspects to work on, defensively he needs to improve if he is to play in front of the back four. We want to be in the top four so that is the standard of performance that must be achieved. Errors that lead to goals or could potential lead to goals must be eradicated as much as they can. A weak header here, not anticipating and tracking a player there, it all matters.

There is much to like about the current happy camp and we won't have heard the last of players telling us how happy they are.



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