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Monday, 25 January 2016

Fans receive support for their belief

We have belief in what we are doing, belief in the way we play, again which many a fan was moaning about, daftly suggesting the system doesn't work. A few have been man enough to admit their error while others look for an excuse to justify a wrong opinion. They are now a dwindling number as the 'happy clappy' people are taking over. There certainly seems to have been a shift, it has taken a while for a section to get on board and start believing in our coach, our side.

It is tremendous to hear our away support singing even when we are behind. By rights they shouldn't be heard, they should be drowned out but hear them every week we do load and clear.

Success can not be achieved without the environment for success, that is the players, the club staff, the youth set-up, the fans. Everyone has a part to play because the name Tottenham Hotspur must conjure up an image of success. There has to be a feeling that the club is going places, it can't go places without that feeling and the media dictate public perception by reflecting public perception.

The national press read blogs, they read forums and print many a story they have sourced from both so suggesting fans don't make a difference is wrong basically. Former Player Micky Hazard sang the praises of our supporters at Crystal Palace and commented that everyone is pulling in the same direction, not always the case at Tottenham.

Fans were incredible today again, sang for 90 mins, top drawer boys, the whole club is pulling the same way, I Love it COYS

HITC reported it, I recently spoke about our away fans, it all gets noticed and create that wellbeing feeling that helps to produce a positive outlook. If people are supporting you, as a sportsman you know it, if they are not, you know it too. We all feel better when we are supported, it's an ego boost isn't it. Do you think you would produce better if you knew you were supported by everyone? 

Of course you would, without confidence dele Alli wouldn't have scored his wonder goal against Crystal Palace because he wouldn't have tried it, fearful of a backlash. Now he has enough credit in the bank not to worry, I use him simply to make a point. Substitute him for Kyle Walker or Danny Rose a couple of years back, the fans would have crucified them if they tried it and put it high in the stands. The environment simply stops them even trying.

It is a happy time to be a Spurs fan, all fans should be happy, not whingeing because they haven't had a shiny new toy (striker) for New Year yet. The usual claptrap about Levy is being written on forums, although a lot less than normal I have to say, fans are coming round slowly with, her and there, then admitting they were wrong about Pochettino and this system. 

These people are beginning to stand out for what they are, stubborn dinosaurs who want misery in their lives and cling to it like a baby clings to a blanket. The more converts to a happy life the merrier.

Arsenal have constantly been talked about for the title, we are just two points behind them with a better goal difference, we are just two points behind Manchester City, who we play in a few weeks and five off Leicester City. We are five ahead of the chasing pack headed by Manchester United. Traditionally we have struggled in the run-in, this time we have to have belief and you have to play your part.

No longer are the media putting us down, expecting us to fall away, no longer are the games commentators and analysts talking about a soft underbelly. They are talking us up, they are adding to the positive environment that surrounds the very mention of Tottenham Hotspur. You hear the name now and your thoughts are positive, that has not always been the case. 

It is a snowball effect. I'll leave you with the amazing stat that Tottenham have had more shots on target than anyone else in the Premier League and only two teams in the top five leagues in Europe have had more, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. We should be happy to be keeping that sort of company, we were pre-season, I'm sure we are now.



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