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Friday, 1 January 2016

Fans panic over strikers Pochettino doesn't

The 'screams' for another striker as back-up to Harry Kane rather miss the point Pochettino has frequently made. Fans equate a striker with goals and, therefore, look at who is scoring goals seeing them as the next best thing to sliced bread. 

Then they shout from the rooftops that that is who we need. You then get clowns calling for people's head because they haven't followed the same daft path and panic bought. The reality is different. A striker is not just a goalscorer, indeed a goalscorer without the other elements would be detrimental to the side, we do afterall have a front four who can interchange, amy striker has to be capable of that plus, plus be able to handle the fitness demands that Pochettino places upon his players.

Harry Kane isn't just a goalscorer, he works like a trojan for the team and has the ability to drop into the number 10 position and be the creator. he drifts wide either to pull defenders or to receive the ball, he is good in the air, he is a bull in a china shop when he needs to be, he holds the ball up, brings others into play and has surprising skillful feet at times. All of that shows an intelligent footballer with the right attitude and right motivation.

A back-up has to be as much as the above as possible. A goalscorer simply isn't good enough. Firstly he is going to be playing second fiddle to Kane so he won't be scoring goals at the rate of Kane or Kane would be on the bench. We are not going to change our system so suggestions of two up top is pure fantasy.

When Pochettino talks about having cover, he is talking about players who can come in and do most of the things that Kane now does. Son Heung-min, for instance, can play an Aguero type role, he can provide most of the aspects apart from perhaps the aerial threat, but then we don't use the aerial route much, and the bull in a china shop approach. He is already proven to be able to score goals and be an intelligent footballer.

Clinton Njie is injured of course but is a similar type to Son who has made substitute appearances as our centre-forward. He, one assumes, while learning his wide role will be another to draft into the Kane role if needed without disrupting the team style. He again seems to have a fist full of all the other attributes we need, although we don't know about his finishing yet.

Nacer Chadli scores goals and assists, can win balls in the air, links play etc so again can do most of the role we require of a centre-forward. he probably lacks the work-rate and arguably the mobility so while he may be listed as an option I doubt we would really want to play him in the role.

Pochettino wants an all-round player as back-up to challenge Kane which will require youth and intelligence. Buying a striker he has to fulfill more than just a scoring goals capability so getting the right man for our long-term project is the strategy we are sticking to.

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