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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Clinical finishing again

The twists and turns of a Premier League season, Dier knocks into his own man and falls over so we lose to Leicester who then promptly drop two points to the team bottom of the league.

Liverpool play Manchester United today and Stoke City entertain Arsenal. Yesterday we took on Sunderland who parked the bus in the first half but we found our way through in the second. There was one aspect that highlighted a point I have been making for years about us being clinical when we are leading bu a couple of goals.

In injury time, we attacked four against one and completely messed is up, you will recall the same happening in a recent game at White Hart Lane also. Of course, in the first half, we had five against two and messed that up as well.

As I have said before, you can't just turn something on and off. You have to practice to improve and you have to have the right mentality to improve. It isn't good enough that we miss opportunities like this to score towards the end of a game. We have to be clinical then and that will transfer itself to being clinical when we need it, like against Leicester City. It shows indecision, it shows the player with the ball making the final pass hasn't evaluated the situation very well, which means there is room for improvement.

It is easy to raise points when we lose but there are lessons to be learned when we win too.



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  1. Very good point, we should work on being clinical in front of goal and we should also train more in defending set pieces especially corners. In addition we need another striker



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