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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Alli deal shows clear benefit structure at Tottenham

The press do like their angles, I like mine too but whenever it comes to wage increases the press always seem to think it is to stop a player leaving or some such nonsense.

Tottenham have shown a clear policy with their youth so they can see that not only do they get a chance on the football field there is also off the field progress in terms of wages if you perform. Dele Alli is the latest player to have signed a new improved contract and Harry Kane is to be offered a new improved contract.

There seems to be a system in place that you join on a wage and work your way up. Youngsters can see there rewards are there for them if they work, not if they are a 5-minute wonder. As with any wage increase it has to be justifiable and responsibility. You gain extra responsibility by performing and thus become a more important member of the squad. Responsibility is when you step on the field, you have a responsibility to perform.

From a business point of view, the wage bill has been a bonus this season. Gone are the high earners, replaced by players on relatively low wages. That gives us the leeway to increase their wages if they perform.

The club now seems far more professional in its set-up and we have to give Franco Baldini his share of applause for that even if his transfers were not the greatest. A successful club needs the infrastructure to be successful and we have upgraded over the last few years. It has taken three years to get the sort of mentality we needed. AVB talked about it but failed to install it and Mauricio Pochettino has made giant strides with it. That has been no accident, a manager was sought that could provide it, it was one criterion we looking for in the candidates.

Once again on Sunday, we didn't give up, we stuck to our game, shuffled personnel and got an equaliser. Whether you agree it was a penalty or not, the referee gave it and we took the chance. Plan B, do Plan A better worked again.

I have spoken about creating an environment and having a clear wage structure the youth can see is available to them just adds to that, it adds another element of security. We are taking the uncertainty away from players. We are providing a happy atmosphere, opportunities, and clear rewards if you take those opportunities. When you have that then it is less likely players will want to leave and it attracts other players. 

We have already heard that Berahino doesn't want to go anywhere else but Tottenham, it's that sort of pull that we want to increasingly develop.

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