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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

All quiet on the Pato front

Because Tottenham have Saido Berahino as the number one target all other striking options are on the back burner at the moment. The window doesn't close until the end of January and it is the situation at the end of January that matters not the situation now. 

There is no need for a fast panic buy when our first choice doesn't want to play for his existing club, isn't performing for them, and wants to join us. As soon as we sign someone else that raises questions whether he would want to come and possibly be a third choice striker. Pochettino like versatility so while fans may perceive a major problem, he doesn't. 

As far as Pochettino is concerned he has players who can cover Harry Kane so he can afford to wait for the right man, which he considers to be Berahino it seems. If Berahino is signed he would compete with Kane and then we would have Son and Njie as back up unless we signed an Under 21 striker to develop as well. While we have younger strikers and seem to be searching for them we lack star quality at Under-21 level.

Tottenham are a name in Europe because of our history, you can hear it when foreign teams talk about us. It is no surprise young players are linked with us, whether genuinely or simply to drum up interest from other clubs. I'm afraid a lot of what is reported has no truth to it or is embellished into something it isn't. The Italians use our name all the time.

We scout players all the time, that doesn't mean we are going to buy them. We talk to clubs and agents, players agents talk amongst themselves, again it doesn't mean a deal is taking place. It merely means options are being explored. The club will talk to an agent to find out roughly the terms a player would want, whether he is interested in joining Tottenham and the type of fee that might be required to secure him. Informal discussions may or may not then take place with the club. Agents know more about what is happening in football circles than anyone.

If there is no common ground and a deal isn't going to be possible you move on. No official offer has been made and many times the media don't know it has happened. When something is leaked they seem to go into overdrive, with imminent deals, invented offers and the whole gamut of stories they have in stock. The facts generally stay roughly the same, they just change the participants like you change the actor playing a role.

It has all gone quiet on the Alexandre Pato front with Liverpool denying any interest. He has been hawked around Europe with the press writing his imminent signing left right and centre. He has gone nowhere probably because Corinthians want too much money for him given his contract status. The latest reports are that he is going to go to China, another player more interested in money than football it seems. If that is his mentality it is no wonder clubs haven't signed him.

It looks as if we will be waiting for the end of the window for any striker movement. If there is any at all. I suspect it will be Berahino or nobody for us this window and we would then revisit him in the summer as his price tumbles further.



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