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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Adebayor won't Spurs wages if he signs for Watford or Palace

Emmanuel Adebayor is once again in the news with Watford and Crystal Palace said to be wanting to sign him.

It seems two and two has been put together once again to suggest Spurs would have to top up his wages if he did sign for one of them but that actually makes no sense at all. Tottenham are known to be making periodic lump sum payments at agreed times to Adebayor to ensure he sticks to his part of the signed agreement and doesn't talk about his time at Spurs.

That is fine but if he signs for someone else then it is common sense that that would terminate any agreement with us, in other words we wouldn't have to pay him the rest of his wages. I have no doubt whatsoever that Daniel Levy would have inserted such a clause given that we would rather not pay him a penny.

He rfused all offers from us and wanted his full salary, we would have covered ourselves and made sure he couldn't therefore sign for anyone else. There would be no point signing an agreement otherwise. Quite why the Guardian think he'll get wages from another club while getting wages from is I don't know, it simply doesn't make any business sense.



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