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Monday, 14 December 2015

VIDEO: Lamla vs Newcastle - improvement is coming

Alan Smith remarked before the game that Erik Lamela has improved but doesn't look like a £30-million man and he is spot on, he doesn't yet. This is the first season he has started producing and he is clearly more confident now.

My bugbear with him for two seasons was his mentality which caused the other problem, a lack of goal threat, he wasn't getting into the box. This season he has rectified that. In the first tie against Qarabag if memory serves he kept getting into scoring positions and making a mess of it until he scored at the fourth attempt. While everyone was moaning about his woeful finishing I was applauding. he was showing the mental strength to get into the position is the first place and when he missed sitter after sitter he didn't hide, he got back into the position to miss again, but then he scored.

Since then he has generally made the off the ball runs to get into the box, against WBA he didn't, against Monaco he did and scored a hat-trick as a result. Again against Newcastle he did so what I now want to see is if he does in our next away game. We carry more threat when he makes these runs. In his highlights video below you'll see him make them.

He has plenty of improvement left, but it is coming.

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