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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Persistence training comes in a variety of forms. Religiously doing something every day, even though you know it off by heart, is hard work, not necessarily physical but mentally certainly.

There’s a discipline aspect to training and a player has to determine why he is training. His two options are vanity or appeasment. he is either training because he wants to be the best (vanity) which is the type of player we want or he is training for appeasement (requirement).

Fans wonder why some players don't get the chances of others, the answer is their training. Only a player can determine how he trains and why he is training. If he isn't training to be the best he can be then he is going through the motions and quite frankly doesn't deserve a starting berth.

Clearly if you are training out of appeasment your heart and passion isn;t in it and to be the best you can be it has to be. A game is merely the reward for your off the field efforts, every player wants to play but not every player deserves it.

Vanity training means you are coachable, you listen to the coaching staff and are engaged in improving yourself, with appeasement training you may listen but you stay in your comfort zone, maintaining your existing level. Part of that engagement process is having the discipline to talk to the coaching staff in the correct manner. The recent example from Andros Townsend demonstrates he hasn't been engaged in the process in the right manner which suggest he may be training out of appeasement. He certainly was after that particular game, he didn't want to be doing a wind down at all.

If you form the habit of vanity training then it becomes easier to maintain, it becomes natural, however if you are using appeasement training it is somethiung you then have to develop and there is always the danger that if you don't get rewarded as you think you should, you will revert to appeasement training. It is where the character of a player is just as important as his skill level. a vanity trainer will improve faster than an appeaement trainer.

Character is something we are taking far more care with now than we have before, we have had too many appeasment trainers here for just the money and happy to go through the motions.

Fascinating to reflect on recent trips and think how valuable yet increasingly infrequent values of humility and a strong work ethic have become

As players' personalities evolve its more vital than ever to compile character profiles alongside stats profiles and live scouting

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