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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Townsend offers a glimmer of hope

Townsend offers a glimmer of hope

Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed that journalists have simply been jumping on the Townsend out bandwagon without really seeing that there may be other alternatives.

An outburst is the wrong mentality and it is not the first time Townsend has had the wrong mentality. That doesn't mean though that he can't change it, Mousa Dembele has and Erik Lamela has. Some fans have even asked if playing for the Under-21's was further punishment.

“There is not an issue with Andros. He was on the bench in some games and was out of the squad against Chelsea and he asked to play for the Under-21s against Middlesbrough. He asked to play. 
“It’s a very good thing because the player was out and didn’t play for many weeks and it was a good opportunity. For me it’s a very good attitude to want to play for the Under-21s and keep working hard and keep his physical levels and condition up.”

If you have committed a misdemeanour then it makes sense to get back in the good books as soon as possible, not that Pochettino holds grudges, a manager or coach can't it would make their job impossible.

Is this a change of approach from Townsend, it could be, future events will tell us. If he finds his motivation and uses it to improve and further his career at Tottenham I'll be happy to support him. I have spoken before that if your desire is strong enough you will do what it takes, asking to play for the Development Squad is demonstrating that. 

It is not beneath me, I can use it to get and maintain fitness so when I get a chance I'm ready to take it. If that is the reasoning behind it then an outing against Monaco may be on the cards. All he can do is be ready for that opportunity, the rest is out of his hands.
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