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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Townsend and Carroll

WBA want Andros Townsend as do a host of other clubs where he may have the initial motivation to make an impact. His father I understand wants him to move while he wants to stay, but he is highly unlikely to figure given he rarely puts in a performance worth mentioning.

It doesn't take a genius to work out WBA have to sell before they can buy and that Berahino will be spoken about. What ever happened to WBA not wanting to deal with us? As I said at the time and have said ever since, it's garbage, utter garbage, personal feeling do not, should not, get in the way of business and like it or not every football club is a business.

Townsend has hardly played and that recalls to mind the words of Pochettino last summer, words that players will be well aware of come the January window.

"When you sign a contract as a player, you need to understand that you don’t sign to play, you sign to train. And then the club signs a manager or head coach to pick the players. This is football."

Still some people talk about runs in a team when we have shown this season that it is a myth. If you need a run in a team then you are a mentally weak player and that will manifest itself at important times, thus you will always be an unlucky loser. The training ground is where you do your work, the training ground determines who starts, you then have to have the mental strength to make your mark on a game.

Andros Townsend doesn't, Tom Carroll didn't against Warford. Given his chance, he was ordinary, no better than anyone else. One moment summed up his mental weakness for me. In the first half ten yards in our half towards the right he received the ball. There was nobody anywhere near him, space in front of him and he passed the ball backwards to Alderweireld who passed it out of play towards Trippier who had originally played the ball to Carroll.

Carroll should have been taking responsibility not passing it to a centre-back. He has the vision, he has the technical ability. He isn't a defensive midfielder for me but a more creative player further forward. He has a mental weakness, he should be taking control and running things if he plays in the defensive position, not delegating responsibility to a centre-back when there is no need to. It is just the wrong mindset and someone needs to work on it.

It is like he is too kind on the field, Dele Alli would have looked for a forward pass or moved forward himself in the exact same position. One cements his place, one just says I'm a fill in hen required. Which one would you trust to produce when the chips are down because that is the key. When the chips are down who is going to come to the fore and who do you have your fingers crossed for hoping they will come to the fore.

Little moments like the one I mention give you an insight into the answer.

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