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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Spurs very confident of imminent Wembley deal

Tottenham fans do not want to travel to Milton Keynes to watch games and the club have asked fans for their views. There is a verbal agreement in place with the club which Spurs have used as a fallback option as we have negotiated to rent Wembley for the season.

The press have been infatuated with a battle between the clubs to secure Wembley, but Tottenham have planning permission to build a stadium and Chelsea do not. The FA can not favour either side so they can't really turn Spurs down in favour of Chelsea even though Chelsea will not be ready to use Wembley in the same season Spurs are.

The rumours from inside Spurs are that a deal has been now almost been finalised for Tottenham to play at Wembley during the 2017/18 season. 

The capacity will be reduced to 50,000 to get around the 37 major events limit, so the top tier will not be used. There is no limit on 'restricted capacity' events that only use the bottom two tiers thus reducing the capacity allows a complete season of home games to be played, around 25.

This is certainly good news and one that will be conformed when a few minor details have been ironed out, which shouldn't take long.

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