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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Spurs have had more injuries than Arsenal

Freelance injury data analyst Ben Dinnery has produced a table that counter the miss held belief that Tottenham only outplayed Arsenal on their own patch because of injuries to our opponents. 

Unbelievably those excuses were from Tottenham fans who clearly wish Spurs to fail and can't actually see anything good in the club. Ben Dinnery's figures show that since the start of the season Spurs have lost a lot more days to injury than Arsenal have.

Days lost. Injuries occurred since the opening day 2015/16 685 656 597 546 524 520 433 312

Three games against Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea have seen us clearly as the better side in all three. Building a successful club is a process, it doesn't happen overnight, can these people see there is more than simply black and white, can they not see progress. If they think we are in the same position as last season, that we don't have a squad that can achieve more than their predecessors then you have to seriously question their motives.

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  1. We drew with 2 of them this does not make us 'clearly better' than them.

    In fact if you have played better football and come away with a draw surely the team that dug in and got the draw have had a better result?

    Think about it!

    And just be aware all of this fellow fan bashing you do 24/7 trying to manipulate peoples opinions on 'how brilliant we are' but yet have NOTHING to show for it , will come back round on you at the seasons end where you just like Levy etc promise things that are simply not delivered and then the reel of excuses and soundbites will come out.

  2. We are clearly miles better than we were last season. Results don't always show this but a metric even you might be able to understand is goal difference. Last season we leaked as many goals as one of the relegated teams there is no way this will be repeated showing a clear improvement.

  3. Let's hope your desire for failure to satisfy your ego doesn't some to fruition. Anyone with half a brain knows improvement happens over time and not at the flick of a switch you seem to want. If you can not see any improvement when we are on a 13 game unbeaten run you know very little about football. Think about it a bit more.

    1. And how long have you been banging that drum clive?
      Over time it will happen, success doesn't come over night blah blah blah
      Your idea of success is being financially prudent and finish where our wages are with absolutely no hunger or want for better.
      Then you spit bile at fellow supporters that want more and brand them as wanting failure or being jelous of (your obsession) Chelsea.
      Your a confused happy clapping staunch deluded hypocrite that writes such blinkered nonsense and underlying hate issues its embarrassing.

  4. @ anon December 02, 2015 9:09:00 p.m.

    You are a mug. Name a team that ever achieved overnight success. The current manager is only in his second season. The club have only invested about £4m net during his tenure and he is working wonders with kids. Idiots like you should support Chelsea as your limited intellect would find similar minds.

  5. Actually it's an inability of them to have open minds and their lack of understanding of the football world we live in today. I'm not obsessed with Chelsea, I don't have an issue with them, it is a reference to your own desired method of success, one that isn't available to us. Negativity breeds failure and if that is the path you choose to go down that is your prerogative, the intelligent majority prefer reality and building success instead of fantasy.

    Not one single fan has come up with an alternative plan yet, despite having been asked, so instead of complaining why not detail this plan of your down.

    If you have a cohesive argument let's hear it, so far you have offered nothing. You obviously need to read more articles because, as is usual with your lot, you have deliberately distorting things to a point where they have little resemblance to my views, yet want to pass them as my views.

    1. Wheres the trophies after 14 years of this masterful plan?

  6. You have to build to a position where you can win trophies and that means a successful business off the field to compete financially with richer clubs. As you will have noticed other clubs in our position 14 years ago are still struggling, we have built ourselves into the 6th richest club in the country. We know have to build the next step. Its quite simple.



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