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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Spurs financial muscle will overtake Arsenal and Chelsea

The new stadium will cost between £675 - £750 million the club estimate. There will be a £200-million bridging loan and three banks have agreed a £350-million loan. We will have 5 years to pay the loans back or get them serviced into a longer payback term.
Spurs financial muscle will overtake Arsenal and Chelsea
Spurs financial muscle will overtake Arsenal and Chelsea

Our income is £181-million. On the horizon are a new TV deal and revenue generated from increased capacity, plus naming rights, sponsorship and extra commercial revenue.

Premier League Turnover

  1. Manchester United £433-million
  2. Manchester City £347-million
  3. Chelsea £324-million
  4. Arsenal £304-million
  5. Liverpool £256-million
  6. Tottenham Hotspur £181-million
  7. Newcastle United £130-million

Having sold a stake Manchester City look as though their income is going to increase. With an NFL tie-up giving us massively increased naming rights potential and income generated from a £61,080 stadium our income could be doubled to £362-million, which on current value would make Manchester United the only bigger club. We must remember that Chelsea want to build a new stadium and Liverpool have talked about it for years, but you get an idea of what this stadium means

Generating revenue is the be all and end all to winning trophies. The NFL has the potential to take us into a market in the way no other club can match. That more than anything else, even the stadium, could propel us into Super Club status with the income it could generate. That, of course, is down the line, but Spurs fans need the NFL to continue to grow in London. 

We are not building a stadium that houses NFL for no reason and we are not building it for just 20 games over the next 10 years. We are building it to become their home, that will have already been discussed. Levy is no mug when it comes to off the field business, anyone who doesn't perform as expected is removed from their post. That small fact alone shows he has a vision for Spurs and people had better match up to it.

Yes it is frustrating that being a rich club who can then compete for trophies consistently every season isn't here tomorrow, but it is coming.

The stories behind the story:
07.30am - Next Hurdle Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has to give formal approval
08.30am - £750-million New Stadium: The Game Changer - this is much bigger than just the number of fans we can sit inside the new stadium, way, way bigger.
10.30am - Ground question as construction date is extended - construction now extends into a second season so how does that affect us?
12.30pm - Club figures show expected revenue increases - gap to close significantly on Liverpool even under conservative estimates.
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