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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sevilla tried in the summer, they'll try for Fazio again

Sevilla tried in the summer, they'll try for Fazio again

Federico Fazio is surplus to requirements at Tottenham. He was bought, tried, but made too many mistakes so his agent has been asked to find him another club. It makes sense for him to return to a league he knows that is less competitive than the Premier League played at a slower pace.

Sevilla tried to buy him back during the summer window and are coming back for another go in January. They want a deal quickly but there is bad blood between the two clubs over previous dealings, Fazio is even banned from their ground!

Football of course, has no morals and business has few standards so bans and bad blood won't make much difference. If they offer the right amount he will be sold, will they offer the right amount though? Levy will want every penny having had to pay £8-million (€10m) to secure him which included £1.46-million (€2m) they insisted Fazio had to pay himself to buy out his contract.

Just shows that animosity or rubbish statements that you won't deal with XYZ again mean absolutely nothing when you want something.

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