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Friday, 18 December 2015

Season Tickets Change

Plenty of forum speculation over tickets for the new stadium and already some suggsting empty seats, they can't think much of Spurs pulling power!

As I said in a previous post, how many are actually sitting in the stadium does not relate to how many have actually been sold, only how many are being used. there is speculation about Cup games and the suggestion they should be made compulsory to get attendance. Also the fact that there are not many children in the family section. Are there alternatives to the current situation?

The season ticket system could be changed. Create a season ticket for Premier League games only and price accordingly. Create a season ticket for midweek games which would comprise all the cups. A decision would have to be made over the UEFA Europa League or UEFA Champions League and which season ticket they would come under. 

If people are attending the Europa League games they should be rewarded with the Champions League games if we qualified for that. If they can't be bothered to attend the Europa League they shouldn't receive priority for the Champions League. If they want to guarantee these games then they buy a season ticket that covers all games.

I'd want to establish where all the travelling supporters come from and whether there is a core from London. If so, I'd have a season ticket that covers away games only and then arrange transport from a central point in London.

The resale of tickets needs to be controlled and nobody should be allowed to sell any above face value with a small administration charge, say a maximum 10% of face value. Either that or sales per seat should be monitored and limited to avoid profiteering.

Family tickets should be provided for those with children up to a set age. This would prevent the seats all being taken by adults and a new generation introduced. Certain games could perhaps be classified as school games and special deals for local 'school trips' to watch specific games in midweek. 

There are plenty of options the club could come up with to help fill the stadium and reduce cherry picking or profiteering. naturally I'm not suggesting fleecing supporters, different options would need to be priced appropriately. A supporter who attends everything now should have to end up paying more, but there is no reason a level of flexibility can be introduced to increase revenue from currently unused allocations.

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