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Friday, 4 December 2015

Real Madrid not whiter than white

Real Madrid have been kicked out the Copa del Rey after fielding a suspended player and incredibly mounting a defence that suggested they didn't know so it should count. Since when has ignorance been a viable defence.

The Spanish want Rafa's head it seems, hardly surprising given th brand of defensive football he likes, this is Real Madrid, the Galacticos, you can't play defensive minded football with a team full of attacking stars. His days look numbered, especially as this comes after the recent 3-0 thrashing by Barcelona when there was only one team on the park.

Real Madrid beat Cadiz 3-0 but fielded Russian winger Denis Cheryshev in the first half and he scored after 3 minutes. Cadiz fans didn't care, they were already celebrating at half-time knowing they would be declared winners whatever the result. It must have been the joyous defeat they had suffered.

Cheryshev was at Villarreal last season and too many bookings meant he was carrying a suspension, something Real Madrid should have known. Benitez carries the can but the administrative staff have made the club look a laughing stock.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insisted as they didn't know they shouldn't be punished and is to appeal the decision. 

“The punishment is not effective unless it notifies those to be punished. Real Madrid did not know of its existence — no one reported it.”

Drag the club through the mire a bit more why don't you. He clearly thinks Real Madrid are above the law. There was the land tax issues, then the illegal signing of under-age players and now playing suspended players. 

The club may play in white but clearly they are not whiter than white.

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