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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pochettino in tune with Spurs fans

Anyone who knows anything about the football climate and what it takes to be a success is fully aware of the excellent job Daniel Levy is doing at the helm. While our rival like Newcastle United and Aston Villa, two traditional big clubs, have sunk and still struggle financially, Tottenham has been building. Now our rivals are the six teams above us.

The club continues to grow to the point where looking not too far ahead, we can see us competing on a more even footing, not having to punch above our weight all the time. Just as different players are required for different jobs, so different managers are required for different jobs.

For some fans, its all about having a name, which to be honest is simply to boost their own ego. Names, however, require the cash we don't have. Louis van Gaal, for instance, waited so he could spend the £150-million that wasn't given to David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson's choice as his successor. Tottenham managers have to work within our budget and thus must have a strategy for the future, they must be building the club.

If you look back at the managers we have had, you have to do so and ask what how did they build the club for the future. If you build a team the Harry Redknapp way for instance then you are always fire fighting, you are constantly changing players and hoping they fit together for that season, there was little or no developing of youth for tomorrow.

That isn't sustainable, as Redknapp himself showed, if you take your eye off the ball it all goes pear shaped or if your manager decides to jump ship you have to rebuild again. Finding a manager who can build the club in such a way as there is a conveyor belt of talent coming through has a greater chance of sustainability.

It's a case of setting yourself up for a fleeting trophy or building for sustainable trophy winning. That can't be achieved unless it is planned for, unless there is a strategy in place to achieve it, it can't be done as a last minute choice. Not all managers have the ability to run a club, to build a club in that manner. Harry Redknapp couldn't and although AVB was brought in to do it he couldn't handle the task either.

Mauricio Pochettino is the man Levy decided upon to build the club for sustainable success and after 18 months that is looking to be a very shrewd decision. Sir Alex Ferguson understood a club has to successful off the field before it can be successful on the field, managers before him at Manchester United didn't, nor did many a supporter. Mauricio Pochettino seems to have that same understanding.
"After 18 months, I can judge him because it's impossible to give an opinion about the past but after 18 months here, always he is very friendly with me, we have a very good relationship. 
"The way that he suffers for Tottenham, for his club, for the people -- he is very sensitive in that but sometimes it's difficult to show that to you and our supporters. 
"For me, he is one of the best presidents in England or the world. It's a brilliant job how the club is today, how the training ground is, the project, the future, the new stadium and how he works. For me, I can only praise him because it's brilliant."
The league is littered with clubs who have tried to buy success without the financial means to back it up. Despite the cry of a few dreamers that isn't an option at Tottenham, the future of the club is too important to gamble with in that way.

Any plan for success has to have built-in financial sustainability in case anything goes wrong. Relying on Champions League money, for instance, isn't sensible business practice when there are six clubs vying for four places. You need to be able to fund the wage bill if you don't make it, there has to be a contingency plan and that is a successful off the field business.

"It's unfair because sometimes it's difficult to have all the information, for you and for our supporters. For me, Daniel is a brilliant man. It's very difficult to manage a big club like Tottenham and in his position, it's always difficult to be kind to everyone but his job is fantastic and we have a very good relationship. 
"We have a very good communication. We share all the decisions. It's true, it's not fair when the people sometimes [criticise] because they don't have all the information. But for me, he's a fantastic man and I can learn a lot from him."

Fans don't need all the information, nor do the press to be frank, they simply need to think. Much is patently obvious if you have an open mind and look at things in context. Will we sign player X, simply ask does he fit our identikit and often you have your answer. Being spoon fed is for children and fans are, in effect, just buyers of a product, entertainment, football, Tottenham Hotspur. They don't need to be, nor should be, informed of everything.

The whole feeling right now is one of positivity, one of at last we have found a manager on the right wavelength. The whole mentality has changed, there is a feeling we are following a planned route than simply driving along a road and hoping to arrive at our destination.

Success doesn't happen by accident, it happens by design. It is great to see a clear strategy in place and one that encompasses the on the field as well as off the field.

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