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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Pochettino answers questions

Pochettino answers questions

Mauricio Pochettino spoke to Spanish outlet COPE (Cuenta Oficial del Programa Deportivo de la Cadena) after the game against Watford and answered questions about the Premier League. 

Amongst other things he confirmed the idea at Tottenham is to build for the future and titles, not the short-term season by season panicking we are hearing from some fans ahead of the transfer window now.

This we are in a position so we must spend argument has no guarantees of success. Should you do the sam thing each January window and thus never actually build what you need to build to challenge on a regular basis, the club aim? Buying a player that fits in with the long-term option is the only approach to adopt for long-term success. 

We are building and arguably we are ahead of schedule. That must not be abandoned now by adopting the self -defeating anti-Levy spend, spend, spend approach. Spurs have a plan, Pochettino has a plan and having taken a business management course he won't be swayed by emotion. The right player at the right price has got us to where we are, that policy will continue, then we will continue to develop what we have and put faith in them.
"We are pleased to close the year in 3rd place (although Manchester City could overtake us). We are having a good season. To win in the last minute is a ' high'. I think we deserved to win, we were superior to Watford.  
"I feel very comfortable in the Premiership. Here we have great respect for the coaches, but increasingly less so  Coaches also we get into battles that should not exist and we complicate life. The media exposure we have on the coaches is very large and that makes that clubs grant you that power.  
"Sure Guardiola will do well in the Premiership. His achievements/abilities are indisputable. If I have to highlight one coach it is Cholo Simeone (Atletico Madrid). What he has done has much merit. 
"I got pretty sad when Mourinho was sacked. It is strange to a figure like him in the Premier League.  What has happened with Mourinho is a lesson for the other coaches: Football is about the present, not what has happened in the past. His departure is a great loss. 
"The idea at Spurs is to form a strong team in a few years and win the Premier League."

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