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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Personal feelings have no place in transfer business

Personal feelings have no place in transfer business

The press do like to make mountains out of mole hills and the gullible lap it all up. We see stories of a war of words between club chairman and suggestions X won't do business with Y. If the anti-Levy cell were to be believed Spurs wouldn't be able to do business with hardly anybody.

But that's the point, it's business and in business you don't let personal feeling get in the way, you do what is best for your organisation. Sevilla and Spurs, there is said to be animosity and neither club liking each other, Fazio petulantly banned from the Sevilla ground so he can't say goodbye to his teammates or the staff. Yet they tried to buy him last summer their president admitted recently to the Spanish press and they are trying to buy him again. Suddenly all this animosity towards Levy has all been thrown out the window because we have something they want.

It is the same with the Berahino situation. The world and his wife are not beating a path to WBA door to 'snap' him up, why, because he isn't worth what they wanted. Peace shot himself ion the foot, he has a player he has upset who doesn't want to play for him, who will not sign a contract, whose manager wants to sell him, who is decreasing in value with every window and not even playing. If he wanted to force a player out of the club he is going about it in the right way.

I speculated at the time whether WBA would get anything out of Berahino this season, he seems to have a hot head and suggesting he wouldn't play for the club again isn't something minor you can put a plaster on. Performance is about motivation, if you are motivated you will perform if you are not you won't.

We have had all the stories about Peace will not do business with Spurs, but with no other options, those stories are changing that now he will. Petty personal feelings have no place in big business, especially in a sport where you have to deal with the same clubs every season, be it scouting players, selling or buying. The minute something becomes personal is the minute you are not doing your job to the best of your ability and it sets a bad example for both the players and your employees.

The press writes all this garbage because they want confrontation stories, it means people will take sides and if you have that you have a recipe for more stories and for 'selling papers' in whatever form that may take in today's world.

There may well be ill feeling between clubs, but business is business and business comes first.

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