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Friday, 4 December 2015

Only the right striker will do, nothing less

Pochettino will buy a new striker in January scream the regurgitation website as they distort what he actually said to suit their agenda. What he actually said was somewhat different.

“We have offensive players who can play like Harry. There is Sonny or Chadli or Clinton – they can play like a striker. But maybe it’s true. I recognise they are not a specific striker so maybe we work to try to find such a player we can add in the next transfer window or in the summer to try to help the team. 
“We are trying to follow players now, but it is very difficult. What is most important is that we do not rock the balance of the team. It is important we find someone who is very specific. 
“For me, always you want to find a striker that scores a lot of goals and who has good physical condition, good characteristics, can press, work hard and is a nice guy too.”
There are words in there like 'maybe' and the theme of his words are clear, we will not buy just anyone. It would be easy to panic buy to appease our fans or anti-fans, but that isn't a sensible option. You don't buy a player who you then have to try and get rid of. 

Let's be honest Spurs are a bigger club than most in the Premier League, we are below the six richer clubs of course. If we sign a player he can, therefore, go up the ladder to a richer club, abroad, and British players don't go abroad, there is more money here, or down the ladder. We have had a purge where we have forced 'deadwood' out the door, we do not want to have to force a purchase out the door.

We have a strategy we need to stick to, we only buy players who will improve or is young and under his true value. If a player doesn't fit our profile we shouldn't be considering them. One option is, of course, a loan until the end of the season to provide the cover the press are clamouring for.

Pochettino is quite clear Tottenham will only buy the right player when they are available. If that is in January it is in January, if that is in the summer it will be in the summer. This is a long term project, every purchase has to fit in with that long term strategy. The press and fans can scream all they like about now, but we are building a squad ready for the building of the stadium. 

Whatever money is available at the time we don't want to be building a side then, it has to be built and if that means periods where we use versatile players so be it, Dier hasn't done too bad in a new position, nor has Dembele and Alli in different role, Mason has played different midfield roles too, Njie and Son have also shown their versatility.

Everyone is impatient for a finished article team now without consideration for the future. The end of the season isn't the end of a project, it is just part of the way through it, part of the building process.

You may well want us to build with inferior materials just to fill a gap, I'd rather been a quality building with quality materials taking care to cement them in just right. If the builders merchant is out of stock then we'll wait for a new delivery, not panic buy or overpay for inferior goods.

You don't make specifics fit a striker, you search for a striker that fits our specifics. If one isn't available at the right price we don't buy, simple. people seem to forget that any purchase is not guaranteed to be successful. Roberto Soldado was a goalscorer, Emmanuel Adebayor is a goalscorer, both have long spells without scoring. Simply buying could equally have a negative effect as a positive on, it could cost us a top four place, not guarantee it.

The right player, not any player, is so so important. 

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