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Saturday, 5 December 2015

No surprise Berahino isn't performing, was expected

Tottenham has a rare event coming up tomorrow, a traditional Saturday kick-off time, a 3pm game of football. WBA are entertaining us where Jeremy Peace and Daniel Levy will no doubt embrace like old friends or politely smile and shake hands.

The Berahino saga became about personal pride in the end and had little to do with business. Face saving was the order of the day for Peace at the death and the result was, as expected, a player not playing to the best of his ability because he simply doesn't want to be at a club standing in the way of his career.

It may be harsh, but those are the facts. Gareth Bale became too big for Tottenham, we didn't have players with his mentality, the right mentality, off he went to fulfil his dream. Berahino wants to take a step up, fair play to him, WBA are looking after themselves and there is nothing wrong with that either.

Berahino will not stay at WBA, he will either leave on a free transfer or leave for a reduced fee with just a year on his contract, he won't sign another, not with Peace at the club. If WBA wants a decent fee for him they have to sell in January. In the summer he won't command more than £15-million because of only having a season left on his contract. He is sitting in a very comfortable position holding all the aces.

I have no doubt all the stories now are being fed to the media to try and drum up interest. He isn't going to play at Manchester City and he isn't going to play at Chelsea either, he will be forever in match day squads doing nothing but filled up a home grown quota. He and his agent are no doubt aware of that.

He has played 2 full games all season, his last against Everton way back in September. He has only played 40 minutes of football this month. No wonder Mauricio Pochettino isn't worried by the Berahino factor the popular press are trying to stir up.

it certainly is no surprise to me WBA are not seeing his best football, I wrote this may happen several times, it was rather predictable and obvious. An example is the article of 14 September: Berahino to force his price down which of course drew derision from WBA fans.

You have to be motivated to have the right mental attitude to perform, he isn't motivated at WBA and isn't in the right mental frame of mind, that is obvious. Just as Mousa Dembele and Erik Lamela have had to change their mental state so must Berahino if he wants to return to his best. Unfortunately for WBA fans that may well be after he has left.

I'm afraid Mr Peace shot himself in the foot all for the sake of his ego.
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