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Sunday, 13 December 2015

No chance of LLoris leaving in January

No chance of LLoris leaving in January

There has been plenty of speculation from journalists who like to invent stories that they can run with and return to at any stage, whether or not they have any substance. Once a newspaper link has been made then they have a ready supply of new stories, they can simply say X is still interested in Y or X is going to make an offer for Y when the transfer window opens etc.

Hugo Lloris has been the subject of that speculation for over a year now. When all the Manchester United talk started I reported he was 99% certain to stay at Tottenham because he had found a kindred spirit in Mauricio Pochettino, someone who agreed with his philosophies on the game. He could see what was happening at Tottenham and he determined that it could be a success, therefore, he would be happy to be a part of it.

Of course, there has to be an interest to move there but he was never going to make waves. If the move happened it happened and that was never going to be the case with Daniel Levy unwilling to sell. Tottenham have improved, the first season under Pochettino was a preparation season. The deadwood had to be cleared out, players had to be assessed and those who didn't fully buy into the strategy dispensed with. That meant new signing and as Pochettino had been charged with building the club for lasting success, as opposed to success right now, while maintaining European football, that meant buying players who could develop. They had to be gelled together and a style of play learned. 

It was clear from everything I was hearing that Hugo Lloris was happy at Tottenham, this season however would be an important one, Spurs had to make a step forward for him to remain. He wants UEFA Champions League football and he would like to achieve that at Tottenham. In addition to the Manchester United interest there was also interest from PSG, but he wouldn't go there unless they offered him a massive can't refuse wage. The French league is basically a one team league and their only meaningful fixtures are the Champions League games so there has been no interest in moving there.

The Sun now are running a story that PSG will offer Lloris £200,000-a-week, which is massive for a goalkeeper. He will have to consider such a wage, it will be nearly three times what we can offer.

I have to laugh when I read some of the stories. Rumours of a £20-million release clause, that was a total guess by French paper L'Equipe because most French players have release clauses in their contracts, it is common in Europe. They assumed Lloris must have the same and invented a figure, as journalists do because the public love a figure, it is believed it adds credibility. 

In the Premier League though, most players do not have release clauses and Hugo Lloris does not, that has already been firmly established, Lloris admitted it himself.

This story, if it is true, and I am not privy to whether it is or not, is not one to just dismiss. Yes Tottenham want to keep Lloris, he is under contract until 2014 and gets told of all offers. Will he move in January, absolutely not, no chance whatsoever. Will he move in the summer, at this stage it is too early to say because it depends upon Spurs progress. Where we finish at the end of the season may determine his future.

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