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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Next Hurdle: Boris Johnson has to give formal approval

A big hurdle was overcome last night when Haringey council eventually gave planning permission for the revised plans for the new stadium together with further proposals to knock down three listed building and use the fabric within new structures. The next hurdle is the formal granting of permission by London Mayor Boris Johnson, who has previously stated he supports the building of a new stadium. He has 2 weeks to make that decision.

Stadium Update: We can announce that Haringey Council’s Planning Sub Committee has approved the Club’s new stadium proposals.

Plans for a landmark new 61,000-seater Spurs stadium, new homes and facilities have been approved by the council's Planning Committee.

The meeting didn't finish until 12.30 in the morning and the verdict on the stadium was secured by 8 votes to 2, as was the vote on demolishing the listed buildings, while the change of use for 44 White Hart Lane was a 10 to 0 decision.

English Heritage has already said they will block the demolition of the three listed buildings in any way they can up to and including a judicial review of the council's decision. A judicial review may delay matters by a few months, although the decision to award planning consent can not be reviewed, only where the correct procedures followed in arriving at the decision.

This article will provide further details: English Heritage Objections

Tottenham have signed an agreement with the NFL, that agreement would not have been signed if both sides were not totally confident that there would be no more delays. They would have spoken to all parties and know the stance of all parties, including, although it would never be admitted, the Mayor of London.

Haringey council have big plans and they require external investment. If they had blocked Tottenham's plans it would have been a warning to potential investors that may have scared them off. The borough needs the stadium, it needs the regeneration, it needs the tourism, it needs the NFL. This is too big an issue for the regeneration of the area to prevent. The new stadium is the catalyst for regeneration in the borough and this was stated at the meeting, despite the contrary being written previously elsewhere.  

Without the stadium there would be no regeneration, there would be no government money and helpful statuses to bring in investment granted for the area.

Over to you Boris Johnson. He has 2 weeks to give a decision, then there is a 3 month period during which English Heritage or any other objector can ask for a judicial review.
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