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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

News Bites: Guardiola, Iturbe, Champions League

As reported a while back, Pep Guardiola is expected to join Manchester City for next season with a verbal agreement already believed to have been in place for a while now. The former Barcelona coach has now turned down a £13.80-million (€19m) contract, announcing he will be leaving Bayern Munich at the end of the season. Carlo Ancelotti is expected to take over.

A Done Deal: Juan Manuel Iturbe will be joining Premier League newcomers Watford. Italian side Roma have agreed to a £1.09-million (€1.5m) loan move for the rest of this season with a view to a permanent move in the summer for £10.90-million (€15 million).

The UEFA Champions League saw 9 of the richest 10 clubs advance to the knockout stages. The tournament is a virtual closed shop with it now being won each year by a club with a wage bill in the top 6.

Your income equates to your chances of success in football now, it's why the most important matter for Tottenham is to increase revenue and thus be able to compete on a more level playing field. The stadium has to come before the spend spend spend shouts that would increase the wage bill and ultimately make the stadium more expensive through increased interest rates.

We are building a squad and that squad has to be given the time to grow together, it is the only chance we have right now.

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