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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Martinez and Berahino


Yet again Jackson Martinez's agent, Henrique Pompeo, was dropping stories recently to the press that have little truth and are just designed to place pressure on his current club. He clearly wants them to feel his client is in demand and has reeled out our name again before suggesting a little later his client would prefer to stay at Atletico.

"Jackson wants to succeed at Atletico, but it's the club who will decide his future. I cannot say if it's a lie, that's football, and nobody knows what will happen in the future.

"What I want to say is that Jackson is not someone who will go somewhere unless it's through the front door. He made a choice and he is very happy in Madrid, he loves the club, although obviously he would have liked to start in another way on a personal level.

"He had to adapt to a new playing culture, and a thousand others things, and then the injury came. But he's happy for the group because things are going well."

He did the same thing regularly when at Porto and it is a regular tactic to put a player in the shop window. It's either that or our press just inventing stories again. You have to ask why would 29-year-old Martinez even entertain coming to Spurs? From not playing at Atletico to not playing at Tottenham while he waits for Kane to be dropped, how is that going to progress his career?

We either need an experienced striker who is happy to stay on the bench until needed, but remember he has to first get 'Pochettino fit' so it is far more likely that we would look for a young developing striker. I have no doubt we are still very interested in Berahino who is once again throwing a strop at WBA because he wants to join us.

All this talk on Soccer Saturday by former professionals of why would you buy someone acting as he is, is simplistic. Paul Walsh was the only one who said it like it is, he wants a move to Spurs. Berahino is only playing up to force WBA to sell him, his price has gone down, as soon as he moves you'll see a totally different attitude. He isn't kicking up a fuss because he isn't playing, he doesn't want to play.

This isn't the first player to have tried to get away from Jeremy Peace at WBA and Berahino isn't the first to have said he was promised a move that was them refused. The WBA chairman has let his ego get in the way of business and as I said would happen in the summer is going to cost his club millions, which gives Tony Pulis less money to rebuild the team he wants. He has shot himself and the clb in the foot in more ways that one. 

It is a chairman's responsibility to do what he feels is right for the club and Peace has either totally misread the situation, although how could he after Berahino's Tweet or his ego has come first. The current situation was patently obvious to foresee, although I took a lot of abuse from WBA fans for predicting it. All you had to do was look at the characters, look at the facts bearing in mind he was never ever going to sign another WBA contract, understand the facets of negotiation and it was all obvious.

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