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Monday, 7 December 2015

Lessons to learn in any game

The fear of failure has a negative impact on performance and can often lead to a late goal being conceded as sides drop further and further back instead of continuing to do what they have successfully done all game. Equally confidence makes it more likely to score a late winning goal.

One reason could be that a side doesn't have anything to fight for and, therefore, lack the intensity of a side chasing something. It is important for a successful side to have a cause, a goal to achieve. That cause is built by the coach and is used to fire the players, it empowers them and imbues them with a fighting spirit. If you can also instill a passion for a team goal you have a recipe for success. 

Naturally creative players don't feel comfortable with a defensive mindset. It makes them nervous and that leads to mistakes. The fear of making a mistake leads to more mistakes being made. Modern day full-backs are almost attackers first and defenders second whereas centre-backs are defenders first. a full-back is more likely to crumble under pressure than a centre-back is. We are Tottenham are fortunate that we have a defensive midfielder who is a centre-back so is more comfortable defending than attacking. That helps our solidity.

We can use that fear in the opposition. In games where we are 2-0 up say, we should be setting ourselves the task of scoring in the last five minutes. The creative players should thrive on this and it is a great way to create clinical finishing for when you really do need to score a goal in the last five minutes.

There are things to learn and skills to develop in any game in any situation.

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