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Monday, 21 December 2015

Lavezzi wants Italy not Spurs

Fichajes are one of the most inaccurate sources of football transfer information on the web, they come up with some really strange stories that are to all intensive peiposes impossible, like Tottenham selling Lamela to some Portuguese club for £5-million or whatever the tiny figure was.

Ant story quoted with them as the source has to be taken with a very large pinch of salt. They also have an element that relays stories from elsewhere, they are running the daft Mahrez story for instance.

PSG forward Ezequiel Lavezzi is 30 and is wanted by Barcelona as a backup striker to Messi, Neymar and Suarez. The players agent has made it clear he would prfer a move to Italy over England so things looked stacked against the Argentinian joining us. he doesn't fit out transfer policy, will be on high wages, doesn't wan to come to England and causes trouble.

His agent, Alejandro Mazzoni, spoke to an Italian radio station based in Napoli recently, Radio Kiss Kiss and made it clear he wanted a return to Serie A.

"Between Italy and England, Lavezzi would choose Italy. He misses Italian football a lot and he wants to go back to Italy. Right now we can't speculate on a turn of mind, but we'll see. 
"Napoli loves El Pocho, I can see that from social media too. I know that supporters would be surprised to see him wearing the Juventus colours, but he still has two-three years of great football in his legs and he wants to play at the highest levels."

I'll leave the carrot dangling he's about to sign for Spurs stuff to the rest, for me he has never been a realistic option and that remains the case. There are too many factors that say this deal wonlt happen to sopeculate that it will.

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