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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Latest ITK

The latest Berahino ITK is that we want him and are going back in for him early in January, although of course we have already held informal discussions.

From a WBA forum, it appears Berahino has been a disruptive influence with the other players and Pulis is stuck with trying to maximise the value of a player who is now a troublemaker. It is unfortunate for Pulis that he has been stitched up by his chairman as he wanted him sold in the summer. Predictable events since have shown he was right and Peace was wrong.

The general view is that Pulis is trying to force his sale at any price by forcing Peace's hand, maximising his value has gone out the window in favour of the team. The earlier he is sold the more time they have to spend the ever-shrinking pot of money they hope to get for him. You can see the next scenario coming, Peace will want to hold out for the best price and Berahino will dig his heels in and tell them he is only joining Spurs, not that anyone else is showing much interest by all accounts.

In a game back in April 2014, Berahino didn't take the ball to the corner flag to wind down the clock and the opposition scored. His team-mate James Morrison started a fight with him in the changing room and legal action was threatened. He has been a constant problem for the club while the fans see him as the best player they have ever produced. It is no wonder Berahino doesn't want to be there so to force him to stay knowing he refuses to play for the club is incredibly bad management.

Opinion on forums, as in this case, are clouded by hatred, much the same as our own anti-Levy smattering. His current problems are clearly because he didn't get his move, the move he says he was promised and so isn't going to try for the club again. The players and staff don't like that and it causes problems. The answer is to sell him. WBA aren't a big enough club to simply keep him, pay his wages and not play him for another season and a half.

Whether you agree with his stance is neither here nor there. Taking emotion out of it, he worked hard under Pulis, integrated himself and then expected his move which he insists he was promised, even Pulis admitted as much. 

Dimitar Berbatov refused to play for us and flew to Manchester without permission, he did all right at his new club, Modric went through the motions for a couple of games to try and force a deal, he knuckled down and left the following season, Bale refused to play for the club or be seen in our kit, he did OK at his next club. Trouble does not necessarily mean trouble at another club, it can Adebayor is testimony to that.

Mitchell and Pochettino will know his mentality though, they will know the situation at WBA through talks with his agent. It is a case of harnessing a wayward mentality into improving as a football player if the club feels that can be achieved then he may be the man to purchase.

You have to know the player and know how they are going to react and if WBA thought he was ever going to react in any way other than the way he did, given his history with the club and squad, they were only fooling themselves. His Tweet spoke volumes.

The fans seem to think he has shot himself in the foot to get a move to Manchester United when it looks likes the reality is he has forced a move, perhaps to us, which seems to be what he wanted all along.

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