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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Italians report Levy to appoint Allegri manager next season

Italians report Levy to appoint Allegri manager next season

A rather daft article has emerged in Italy, a press that are not known to be very accurate, in which they suggest Massimiliano Allegri will be appointed Spurs manager for next season.

IOt's an article written by someone who clearly doesn't have the understanding of what is taking place at Tottenham. The article says he is happy at Juventus this season but wants to sample the Premier League.

There is no 'information' to support the article just an assumption that there will be a manager merry-go-round in the summer which will mean Pochettino leaving Spurs for a bigger opportunity and Allegri taking his place. They have taken a wild guess that Allegri would be offered a 3-year-contract. It is pure conjecture with nothing whatsoever to back it up. 

That is no surprise as Daniel Levy has no intention of changing his coach. Pochettino was appointed for the long-term and has been given full backing. That is set to continue as he builds a squad for the years ahead that include the building of a new stadium.

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