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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Harry Kane


My Football Facts is an excellent source of Tottenham information, all nicely laid out and easy to follow. It is a valuable resource also for blog writers and journalists to dip into when needing facts for an article. 

I have talked about Tottenham not being insular and the need to embrace others, especially for marketing, promotion and brand awareness purposes. The majority of website owners are insular as well, they see that if a fan visits another Spurs page they may lose that reader. It is small town thinking and self-defeating, fans will always visit different sites, they like to hear different views. Few read a piece of news once, most read the same piece of new from several sources in the hope that they will get a different take on it. They want talking points.

I'm one for putting an opinion out there and digging a little deeper into something rather than just regurgitate the basic news, there are plenty of sites out there that put in the minimum effort required.

The website I'm bringing to your attention, which you may already know about, has produced a Harry Kane 2015 page showing his goal tally at 29 for the calendar year. There is a wealth of information there, with pictures and videos too. To check it out follow the link below.

My Football Facts: Harry Kane

A goal for Harry kane would take him to joint 8th on our all-time European goalscorers list, one goal behind Bobby Smith. Kane currently has 8 goals in 19 appearances, a mrk he shares with Terry Dyson and Gareth Bale. One more goal and he would join Jimmy Greaves 9 goals in 14 appearances, Garth Crooks (16 appearances), Robbie Keane (19 appearances) and Ralph Coates (26 appearances).

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